What size Wiley X Sunglasses Do I Need?

As our customers know, RX-Safety is a proud distributor of Wiley X Sunglasses. These glasses are a tried-and-true part of our glasses collection. They have provided our customers with protection for decades. They provide optical protection in many different hazardous environments. This is true at work, or the field, or on the road. We sell an extensive, yet carefully selected collection of Wiley X Sunglasses for our customers that are motorcycle riders, military personnel, athletes, and more. We have you covered for Wiley X sunglasses, no matter what outdoor environment you work in! We are confident that we can be the best place for you to purchase your Wiley X sunglasses.

Also, here at RX-Safety, no matter what special coatings or prescription you need added to them, we have your covered when it comes to your safety sunglasses by Wiley X. Head to RX-Safety.com and select your favorite pair of Wiley X sunglasses. Then, you can adjust the glasses to your specific needs using our customization options. These options include lens coatings, features, and the addition of your prescription. Additionally, the RX-Safety customer care team is always on call to help you make the perfect choice! The size of the glasses your order should depend on the measurements of your face.

Also, to simplify this process for our customers, RX-Safety lists the measurements and specs on every product listing. You can also reach out to our team if you are unsure, or believe that you might be in between sizes. However, even with these measurements listed, you might still be wondering, “What size Wiley X Sunglasses Do I Need?”. Well, we are here to make that process simple and easy for you. Read on to discover the best way to establish your measurements! Frames are often ladled online as small, medium, or large. We are here to help you make sense of how to correlate those sizes to the numbers you get when you measure your face.  

In fact, most pairs of glasses display the measurements somewhere on the frame. More often than not you’ll find these numbers on the inside of the temple arms. The numbers, in order (from left to right), will refer to your current glasses’ lens width, followed by bridge width and the length of your temple. Those are your frame measurements. If you do not have a pair of glasses to go by already, you can measure your glasses yourself.

To measure the lens width, measure the lenses at their widest point from left to right. To measure the bridge width, measure from the left edge of the right lens to the right edge of the left lens where the frame rests on the nose of the bridge. To measure the temple arm’s length is two steps. First, measure from the hinge to the elbow, then measure from the elbow to the far end of the tip. 

Finally, now that you have your frame measurements, finding out your frame size is super simple. RX-Safety has measurements in every product listing, including for its Wiley X sunglasses. Head to RX-Safety.com today and check out the Wiley X sunglasses collection to find your perfect fit! 

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