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What is HSA and how to use it for RX Safety glasses

We know that prescription safety glasses can easily end up on the costly side. With all of the additions and special accommodations, the small things can add up pretty quickly, resulting in an unfavorable bill. No need to worry though, as we have a solution for you. In this article, we’ll talk about the Health […]

How To Select The Best Lenses For Your Prescription Safety Glasses

At Rx Safety, there are many different lenses available for your prescription safety glasses. We know that choosing safety lens material, lens colors and coatings can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time buying prescription safety glasses. Our safety experts will quickly walk you through the process and get the best lens options […]

How to Chose Your Prescription Shooting Glasses

Any seasoned shooter will tell you the importance of gearing up properly with eye protection. Whether you’re off to the range, training course, or out in the wild to hunt, it is extremely important to protect your eyes. Projectiles, dust and debris, and weather factors can all affect your vision while working with firearms. One […]

How to Get Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses

When you find a brand you love, you stick with them. This is how many glasses wearers feel about Wiley X prescription sunglasses. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Wiley X has many returning customers. These customers head straight to sites that carry Wiley X frames when they get online to look for their […]

How to clean your prescription safety glasses

As a worker in any segment, your prescription safety glasses may get dirty in a variety of ways. Here, you will discover how to clean your prescription safety glasses. Most glasses wearers know to use a microfiber cloth and a gentle glasses cleaning solution. However, there are those that wear prescription safety glasses as a […]

How to Choose Prescription Work Safety Glasses

Tragically, over 700,000 Americans suffer from eye injuries at workplaces, with an additional 125,000 more people injuring their eyes at home.  Most of these injuries can be preventing by wearing prescription work safety glasses, which are considerably stronger than standard eyewear.   If you work in conditions that are exceptionally hazardous to your eyes, such as […]

How Do Bed Prism Glasses Work?

You’re likely reading this because you’ve seen the 2007 hit THE BUCKET LIST, or heard from someone who has about the glasses Jack Nicholson’s character wore in the movie. Perhaps a doctor, nurse, or rehab specialist has recommended them to you so that you can more easily read or watch TV while lying flat in […]

How progressive lenses work and what to consider when buying

Finding the right type of glasses can be a difficult process at times, especially if you have a complex prescription. In this article, we’ll talk about solutions for eyewear like progressive lenses. We’ll talk about what they are, how they work, and what to think about before purchasing them.  So keep reading. Progressive lenses may […]

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