How progressive lenses work and what to consider when buying

Finding the right type of glasses can be a difficult process at times, especially if you have a complex prescription. In this article, we’ll talk about solutions for eyewear like progressive lenses. We’ll talk about what they are, how they work, and what to think about before purchasing them. 

So keep reading. Progressive lenses may be the right match for you. 

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses, meaning they cater to multiple focal lengths. This includes distance, reading, and everything in between. 

You may be more familiar with traditional bifocals, whereas you have a straight line between the distance prescription and the reading prescription. 

With no lines on the lens, progressive lenses are more popular. Next, we’ll talk about how they work. 

How progressive lenses work

Progressive lenses work similarly to how the eye naturally allows you to see things both clearly and far away. They are digitally designed and are an hourglass shape with the distance area at the top of the lens, the intermediate area in the middle, and the reading area at the bottom. 

With progressive lenses, you’d begin with your distance prescription at the highest point of the lens and that distance will become nearer as you journey toward the lower part of the lens. You’d basically allow your head position to guide you through various regions of the lens. 

Due to the hourglass shape that progressive lenses hold, there’s blurriness around the outer edges. But because they give you a full range, however, more individuals prefer them over bifocals. 

Even though progressive lenses have areas of optical confusion, they have gotten better with technological designs and may be worth investing in. They come in a variety of colors and are made from a variety of materials, appealing to many. They also make progressive lenses for computers, giving more range with a wide lens to cater to computer distance. 

Don’t worry, we’ll have a few tips to consider in the next section so you can ensure progressive lenses are right for you.

Before purchasing progressive lenses 

Progressive lenses take time to get used to. That’s because you have to point your nose at what you’re looking at. Even when you’re reading, you have to remember to keep your chin up so your eyes are focused on the reading portion of the lenses.

It’s easier said than done, but it takes time and practice before getting comfortable with these lenses. So you’d definitely want to be prepared to be on the consistent side if you do get these lenses as the process can easily be frustrating at first.

That being said, progressive lenses are the most popular multifocal lenses. They are great because they limit the need for multiple glasses, as you have a wide variety of ranges in one lens.

While they can be on the expensive end, you’d want to make sure if you are paying the cost, that it’s with reputable companies so you can ensure optimal vision. 

Also remember, with better designs, can play a huge difference in your overall eyewear journey. 

We’re here to help 

If you have any questions about progressive lenses, don’t hesitate to contact us. At RX Safety, we offer an array of progressive prescription lenses in a variety of styles. In fact, our in-house opticians would love to speak with you more about progressive lenses. So contact us–we’ll help you get started.

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