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What are the best motorcycle glasses for driving at sunset?

At RX-Safety, we have been manufacturing prescription motorcycle glasses for our customers for decades. We know and love the segment that our biker customers frequent. Therefore, we have developed an understanding for all of the environments that they ride in. Specially when they are looking for motorcycle glasses for driving at sunset. Any motorcyclist will […]

How to Choose Glasses That Make You Look Younger

As Indiana Jones would say, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage!”. Glasses might be a sign of weak or aging eyes, but they don’t have to mean that people start asking you if you’re eligible for the senior discount. Glasses can be fun and fashionable at any age and the style that works for […]

The Best Prescription Glasses for Night Driving

Are you tired of squinting through the darkness while driving at night? Do you often find yourself struggling to see clearly, especially when faced with glaring headlights and dimly lit roads? If so, investing in the best prescription glasses for night driving could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Not only can these glasses […]

Top 10 Best Prescription Sunglasses for Driving

A trip to the ophthalmologist may bring news that you are in need of glasses. Most American adults need corrective lenses to bring their vision to 20/20 according to American Academy of Ophthalmology. While this may bring some changes to your life, new technology allows you to wear glasses while still maintaining style and comfort. […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses for Those who Drive Often

No matter the season, people who drive often understand the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. Whether you are a semi driver, a parent who totes kids around daily, or a pizza delivery person, you know that without sunglasses, long stretches of driving in the sun can be absolutely torturous. On top of that, […]

10 Types of Prescription Glasses to Enhance Your Safety

Frequent readers of this space will not be surprised to hear that prescription safety glasses can be used in a variety of scenarios. Depending on the model you choose, you can find lenses that enhance your work in professions ranging from the medical industry to construction. To optimize the function of this piece of equipment, […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Drivewear Lenses Aren’t Just for Driving

There are many glare reduction options for eyewear today. These include tints of different colors and shade darknesses. Darker shades cut down more sunlight than lighter shades, while different colors enhance contrast perception in different ways. There are also transition tints that change their darkness levels in response to sunlight brightness. With Transition tints, one […]

What Are The Best Sunglass Lens Colors For Driving?

Many drivers do not realize this, but there are certain types of sunglasses that are not suitable for driving. There are some sunglasses that will not let enough light come into the eyes. If there is not enough light coming in, your driving ability can be significantly impaired because you are not able to see […]

How Do You Know if You Need Glasses for Driving and is There a Difference?

There are many reasons why someone might need glasses but most importantly – driving. Night driving can affect many aspects of vision including color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception. You may have asked yourself, “How do you know if you need glasses for driving and is there a difference in the glasses?” Well, here […]

Why Prescription Motorcycle Glasses are the Best Choice

If you need vision correction and like to ride your motorcycle, now is the time to invest in a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses to wear when you’re riding. Some people wear their regular eyeglasses, wear contacts underneath their motorcycle glasses or skip their vision correction and just wear motorcycle glasses instead, but prescription motorcycle glasses are […]

Protect Your Ride With Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

The winter season is upon us now, and for some bikers that means that  motorcycle season is coming to a close. But if you’re a motorcyclist who’s lucky enough to live in a more temperate part of the country, you’re probably planning to ride your bike all year round. If that’s the case, do you have the […]

Best polarized lens color for driving

The best lenses for driving sunglasses are gray and brown because they are neutral colors. Best color polarized lens for driving They do not alter how colors appear when worn. They cut down on overall brightness without distorting colors. These darker shades help cut through the glare and reduce eyestrain in moderate to brighter conditions. […]

Do transitions vantage lenses work in the car?

Transition vantage lenses don’t only adapt to changing light but also they polarize as they darken. Are transitions vantage lenses good for the car? Polarization adjusts to match the level of outdoor glare. It varies as the day and conditions change. You see the best light with better clarity and color. Vantage lenses blocks 100% […]

Best color lens for night driving

Driving can cause a strain on your eyes especially at night because of the lights of oncoming traffic.  So what is considered the best lens color for night driving…well, there are 2 options; either a clear lens with an AR (anti-reflective) coating or a yellow lens with an AR coating. Wearing a clear lens with […]

Prescription Glasses for Night Time Driving

Driving at night can be tricky for anyone, especially when faced with glaring headlights and dimly lit roads. For individuals who wear prescription eyewear, the difficulties of nighttime driving are further compounded by reflections and visual disturbances caused by their lenses. However, there are solutions available to mitigate these issues and enhance safety on the […]

What Transition Lens Will Work in a Car?

Transition lenses. They’re one of the more influential developments to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades. With transition lenses (also known as photochromic lenses), your glasses automatically darken in response to the amount of UV light present and clear again when that source of UV light is gone. In other words, they’re […]

Best Lenses for Motorcycle Riding

The call of the blacktop. The lure of the country road. The siren song of the engine. To many, the motorcycle is so much more than just a vehicle. It’s a way of life. Whether used for a daily commute or a weekend getaway, the chance to get out on the road can be a […]

What you should know about the best sunglasses for driving

There are many potential hazards that can occur on the road while you are driving. But not all is a hopeless cause. In fact, preventing sun glare from impacting your vision when you are driving is something that you can control by wearing sunglasses.  That’s right. That’s why a majority of drivers wear sunglasses in […]

Prescription Sunglasses or Transition Lenses?

People who wear prescription eyeglasses have greater flexibility and more choices than ever before. Consider the subject of sunglasses. In the past, opting for a second pair of prescription sunglasses was really the only way you could simultaneously maintain clear vision and shield your eyes from the effects of the sun. This option is still […]

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