What are the best motorcycle glasses for driving at sunset?

At RX-Safety, we have been manufacturing prescription motorcycle glasses for our customers for decades. We know and love the segment that our biker customers frequent. Therefore, we have developed an understanding for all of the environments that they ride in. Specially when they are looking for motorcycle glasses for driving at sunset.

Any motorcyclist will tell you that eye safety on the road is necessary and fundamental. At Rx-Safety, we have learned that motorcyclists gear up for the open road with a variety of safety equipment. This always includes protective motorcycle prescription glasses, sunglasses, or goggles. Ultimately, this is because of how important having full visibility is while you ride. You must have clear, uninhibited vision, along with optimal safety while traveling at high speeds and navigating traffic.

Protection & Visibility

Not only do you need protection, but you need perfect visibility. One of the most important things to consider is the lighting of your surroundings. Many customers will purchase their motorcycle sunglasses in the darkest lens color possible. They do this because they start out their day in the bright sunlight, and plan on spending the day outside. That is where the darkest lens color possible is beneficial. However, you need to consider the variables that can occur with life out on the open road.

For example, as any motorcyclist can tell you, getting caught in unexpected overcast or rainy weather is sometimes just unavoidable. The sky can darken quickly, leaving you at a disadvantage if you are wearing extremely dark sunglasses. This lack of visual light can cause a dangerous situation and it limits your field of vision.

Riding with Sunset

The same thing goes for motorcyclists that are still out on the road at sunset. Sometimes, if you have been riding all day you are still out on the road as the sun goes down. In this situation, you want to be able to see in the ever-changing light of sunset. This is where we think that adding transition lenses to your prescription motorcycle sunglasses is the perfect compromise for both men and women riders. They allow you the flexibility of having a full range of vision in all environments. You have more time and energy to put towards focusing on your ride and your safety when you do not need to worry about a lack of vision while you ride.

Additionally, we have multiple other lens options and colors for riders that spend most of their time in all different lighting environments. In other words, you will find the best motorcycle glasses for driving at sunset. When you visit our prescription motorcycles glasses page, browse our frames until you find your perfect pair. Then as you are selecting your different options and filling out your prescription, you will come across our “lens colors” section. To help you select the perfect lenses for your needs, we have added descriptions when you click the question mark on each lens option. You will see all of the lens color options. The question mark symbol will go into detail about the benefits of each color and what environment they are good for. This benefits motorcyclists that are often in sunny lighting, dusk, or more!

We are happy to be able to offer this excellent feature at RX-Safety. We pride ourselves on being able to allow our customers to rest assured that they are always fully protected in each segment. In this case, our motorcyclist customers are fully protected in any level of lighting while they ride!

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