Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Drivewear Lenses Aren’t Just for Driving

There are many glare reduction options for eyewear today. These include tints of different colors and shade darknesses. Darker shades cut down more sunlight than lighter shades, while different colors enhance contrast perception in different ways. There are also transition tints that change their darkness levels in response to sunlight brightness. With Transition tints, one lens will do the job of several lenses with different tint darknesses.

Polarized lenses are another technology that cuts down glare. Unlike tints, which merely make the glare dimmer, polarized lenses completely eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces. Polarized lenses typically have an additional tint of fixed color and darkness.

However, none of these options are ideal for driving because fixed tints aren’t appropriate for all brightness levels, and transition lenses don’t work in a car because they are activated by UV light, which is blocked by the car’s windshield. On the other hand, polarized lenses have a fixed tint darkness and therefore aren’t ideal for all brightness levels.

None of these options work well in all conditions, especially for driving. However, Nike prescription sunglasses with Drivewear lenses combine the benefits of all the above technologies. A Drivewear lens is polarized and also changes its darkness just like a transition tint. However, unlike transition tints, it works behind a windshield. It also changes its color to enhance contrast perception in different lighting conditions.

In low lighting, a Drivewear lens turns greenish-yellow, which improves contrast in the fog, while its polarization removes glare from scattered light on overcast days. When driving on a sunny day, the lens changes to a copper color. This cuts down intense light from the sun, enhances red and green perception (good for traffic signals), and removes horizontal glare, just as a polarized lens would.

When you’re outdoors in bright light, a Drivewear lens removes glare just as a polarized lens does, and adjusts its darkness level to remove excess light. It also changes to a dark reddish-brown color, which prevents the rods and cones of the eyes from being over saturated with light.

It’s clear that Nike prescription sunglasses with Drivewear lenses have you covered for all daylight driving. Its only weakness, if you can call it that, is that they aren’t meant for night driving. They are after all, a type of sunglasses, and sunglasses are never used at night. A clear lens with an anti-reflective coating is best for night driving.

Outdoor Uses for Drivewear


Just like polarized lenses, Drivewear allows you to easily see underwater fish because it removes reflections and glare from the water surface that would otherwise block your view. However, unlike standard polarized lenses, it adjusts itself when the lighting changes. This occurs when clouds block out the sun, or when you move out of the sunlight and into the shade of a tree. It’s always adjusting itself throughout your day to provide you with a perfect viewing of what’s under the waves. It also protects your eyes from intense sunlight glare off the water.

Walking and Wilderness Trips

One problem with summer hiking and mountain climbing in the eastern states of the country is the humidity and haze. When summiting on a peak, you’re rewarded with a less than inspiring view because the humidity and haze limits your view of the surrounding mountains and landscape. The same problem exists when canoeing on a large lake. The light polarization effect of Drivewear lenses combined with their contrast enhancing color adjustments, give you a crisper view of the scenery you would otherwise be missing.


The contrast enhancing effects of Nike prescription sunglasses with Drivewear lenses reveal the slopes and undulations of the greens. The extra contrast also increases golf ball visibility. Unlike sunglasses with a fixed tint color, Drivewear lenses adapt to changing lighting conditions as the sun moves across the sky. It accommodates all kinds of difficult lighting conditions such as heavy haze, thick fog, cloud cover, or intense midday sun.

Of course, Drivewear lenses are useful for many other activities involving work and leisure in the outdoors where the lighting is always changing. Drivewear is an option available for all Nike prescription sunglasses. If you have any questions about Drivewear or Nike eyewear in general, feel free to contact us

  1. Jay Shrimali says:

    Do Nike glasses get darker in the sun?

    • Mirna Romero says:

      Hi Jay, they surely can and it depends on the transition lenses you order for them. The darkest transition we offer is Xtractive Gray.

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