New Nike glasses have arrived at RX Safety

RX Safety is dedicated to providing the best high-quality eyewear products. In fact, we are now the leading online store for performance eyewear, providing a wide range of products dedicated to performance and precision. 

As a family-owned business, we appreciate great designs when we see them. That’s why we are proud to announce that the new Nike glasses collection of 2022 has just arrived at RX Safety.

For those who love Nike products, you won’t be disappointed. These sophisticated designs are a great choice because of their continued commitment to quality, durability, and style. 

When you choose Nike through RX Safety, you gain access to a wide range of customizable lenses that can transform Nike glasses for you. This allows you to create the perfect eyewear advantages for yourself, with your own unique individuality and optics.  

Now, for the frames that you’ll definitely want to have on your radar, tailored with creative excellence, and innovation. 

The Nike 7305 

The Nike 7305 is an oval, full-rim frame with extreme comfortability. 

Made from plastic, it is extremely lightweight and durable. This makes it perfect for all-day occasions. It features a saddle bridge and nose pads and are available in 4 distinct colors, including a classic matte black. 

The Nike 7146 prescription glasses

The Nike 7146 glasses are prescription available. They are a square, full-rim frame.

These glasses include a saddle and nose pads for comfort and are extremely lightweight, making them a perfect pair to wear for long hours. They are made of plastic and are available in 4 pristine colors that are sure to compliment one’s individual style. 

The Nike 7255

A full-rim frame with prescription available, the Nike 7255 elevates eyewear to another level. 

They are lightweight and perfect for long wear. They also feature a saddle nose bridge and nose pads for comfort. With an extreme level of creativity, these glasses will have you looking stylish anywhere you go. 

The Nike 7256

The Nike 7256 glasses are a square, full-rim frame. They are also available in prescription, making them accommodating frames.  

Not only are these glasses extremely comfortable because they are lightweight, but they are made from a durable plastic providing revolutionary wear. And because they feature a saddle bridge and nose pads, you can feel comfortable in these glasses for long periods of time. 

The Nike 7257

The Nike 7257 is an oval, full-rim frame that is available with prescription.

It is extremely comfortable, as it is lightweight and features a saddle bridge and nose pads–this make this eyewear perfect for all day use. Available in 5 sophisticated colors, you are sure to make a statement with this bold eyewear.

The Nike 7258 

The Nike 7258 is a square, full-rim frame–these glasses are available with prescription as well. 

Coming in 5 innovative styles, you can be trendy and comfortable as these glasses are both lightweight and comfortable as they were designed with a saddle bridge and nose pads.

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