High Prescription Glasses

How can I purchase safety glasses that will accept a high prescription?

As many are aware, a strong prescription often means that you have limited options when it comes to choosing frames. However, at RX-Safety we don’t want this to mean that customers with high prescriptions can’t find their perfect safety frames. It’s important to us that all of our customers have prescription safety glasses that are […]

The Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition Vantage Lens

When you’re working in manufacturing or construction, with chemicals, or in an otherwise hazardous environment, nothing matters more than worker safety. No project is worth someone losing a finger or, worse, an eye. That’s why safety glasses are an important part of any potentially dangerous jobsite. When there’s sawdust, or sparks flying, the possibility of […]

Eyeglasses Tech: Are High-Index Lenses Right for You?

If you have a very strong eyeglass prescription, chances are you have fairly thick lenses. Corrective lenses that are thin in the center but thicker at the edge of the lens are common for those who are nearsighted. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the edges tend to be, which can create a number of […]

What prescription safety glasses work best for high prescriptions

I myself have a high prescription and refuse to wear lenses that make my glasses look thick and heavy.  At rx-safety.com we offer wraparound and other stylish frames that can work with high prescriptions.  Check out our ArmouRx 5003 Plastic Safety Frame.   This stylish plastic wrap frame comes with an integrated side shield protection […]

Do Glass Lenses Scratch?

Glass lenses sometimes get a bum rap. Can You Get Scratches on Glass Lenses? They’re often eschewed by all but the people who absolutely must wear them – those who require a prescription too strong to be cut from any material other than glass. It is true that glass has some innate drawbacks, including two […]

Best Lenses for Semi Rimless Glasses

A popular stylistic format, semi-rimless glasses are, for many, the ideal choice. Best Lenses for Semi Rimless Glasses Lenses in a semi-rimless frame are mounted in the browline – the upper portion of the frame, even with eyebrows – and left exposed at the bottom. In some varieties the lenses are supported by the browline […]

How Long is a Reasonable Time to Adjust to New Glasses?

A large majority of consumers who wear new glasses report some form of visual distortion. Sometimes the distortion is minor and subsides quickly; in other cases, it’s extreme and lasts a long time. So the titular question remains: how long is a reasonable time to adjust to new glasses? The answer – like most answers […]

Best Frames for High Index Lenses

With high index glass or plastic, it takes less physical material to cut a prescription than it would with standard glass or plastic. What Are the Best Frames for High Index Lenses? This is particularly noticeable – and beneficial – if your prescription is a strong one. Create a strong prescription in standard material and […]

Prescription Sunglasses Options for High Prescriptions

A common problem for people who wear very high prescription strengths is a lack of selection when it comes to frames. Higher prescriptions lenses grow thicker as they curve, so the edges are the thickest part; eyewear selection is often hampered by this factor, as not all frames can physically support thicker lenses. Even when […]

Do Nerd Glasses Look Good with a High Prescription?

Having a high prescription can have a damper on your glasses. What about nerd glasses? High Prescription Nerd Glasses If you have a high prescription, then you know all too well the troubles that plague strong prescription wearers when they’re shopping for glasses. Thankfully, nerd glasses are great for this. By necessity, the stronger your […]

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