Do Nerd Glasses Look Good with a High Prescription?

Having a high prescription can have a damper on your glasses. What about nerd glasses?

High Prescription Nerd Glasses

If you have a high prescription, then you know all too well the troubles that plague strong prescription wearers when they’re shopping for glasses. Thankfully, nerd glasses are great for this.

By necessity, the stronger your prescription is, the thicker your lenses are. You can get high index lenses to reduce this, but the rule stands. And along with thicker lenses comes eye distortion (making your eyes seem larger or smaller than they are) and the aesthetically displeasing sight of thick-profile lenses that extend beyond the frame.

If you’re looking for prescription glasses for high prescription, nerd glasses are the way to go for several reasons:

  • Nerd glasses look good with a high prescription because they are designed with the thick lenses look in mind. They complement a stronger prescription by incorporating your lens thickness into the overall nerd look.
  • Nerd glasses are also great with a high prescription because of the frames’ bold lines and solid curves. Thicker lenses go right along with this substantial nerd frames theme.
  • If you have a high prescription in nerd glasses, the effect they have on your eyes will also work with the frame much better than with a non-nerd frame.
  • Because thicker lenses add weight to a frame, nerd glasses are also more comfortable with high prescriptions because they have more support and spread the weight out better than standard and wire frames.
  • There are options to reducing your lens thickness. You can get high index lenses, and the higher your index, the thinner your lenses will be. This will also make them lighter and more comfortable, and nerd glasses are great for high index lenses because of their lack of lens curvature.

Nerd glasses are a great choice for anybody with a strong prescription, both because they reduce the effect of the lens thickness, and because the thickness complements the nerd style.

Embrace the look of your glasses! Nerd glasses are a great way to incorporate your high prescription into your style, and these glasses are in right now!

Best of all, nerd glasses complement virtually any wardrobe style, from casual to punk to retro to hipster to business and formal.

If you have any questions about nerd glasses and high prescriptions, give us a call or leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

  1. Jo says:

    I just got “nerd” glasses. I have a very high prescription (-11), and previously had wire frames where the lenses stuck out a little. But that was ok, because compared to the previous glasses I’ve worn all my life, the wire frames were very understated, and I like that. Unfortunately, I absolutely HATE these new glasses. :'( They’re not understated at all and hurt my nose because they’re heavier than the wire frames were. They also appear to have polished edges which only serves to accentuate the lens thickness, not take away from it (which I keep reading). My old glasses didn’t seem to have a polished edge, and they were small and oval. I like them. These new glasses make me look like a blind Clark Kent. 🙁 I am SO embarrassed and deeply insecure about wearing them. I plan to go back to the optical place and switch to the wire frames I initially picked after I confirm my prescription at my eye doctor (I’m having a problem seeing well in the 1.67 progressive high index lenses). I just wanted to say that (to me) “nerd” glasses are ugly and obtrusive, and I’d rather have my lenses stick out a little beyond a wire frame then to wear thick plastic ugly frames.

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