Men’s Sunglasses

Men’s Glasses That Can Make You Look Younger

In the quest for a timeless, youthful appearance, the right pair of glasses can work wonders. As men age, it’s natural to seek ways to maintain a fresh, vibrant look. Fortunately, with the myriad of frame styles available, achieving a youthful aesthetic is entirely within reach. In this article, we’ll explore three frame types—plastic frames, […]

5 Popular Nike Sunglasses That Are Favorites Among Men

Need to upgrade your current pair of sunglasses to something a bit newer, fresher, and more stylish? There is no better time to invest in a new pair of quality Nike sunglasses than the summer season when the weather has warmed up and the sun is shining brightly. If you are looking for something practical yet […]

Protect Your Eyes In Style With Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses while outside protects your eyes from damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Individuals who wear prescription glasses often cannot see out of regular sunglasses due to poor vision. You and every member of your family who wears glasses can protect your eyes and see clearly by purchasing prescription sunglasses. Read the information below to learn more about the […]

What is the best sunglass lens color for tennis

The best sunglass lens color for tennis would be a blue polarized lens because it will enhance the yellow tennis ball and help improve contrast.  Check out our Smith Optics Sunglasses. This frame offers maximum coverage, a secure fit, and strong styling.  The lenses that come with this frame have Anti-Reflective and Hydroleophobic Lens Coatings which […]

Best sunglasses to wear with a hat

If you are anything like me I LOVE wearing a hat to the beach or around the pool…I’m not talking about a baseball cap, I’m talking about a big brim fashion hat 🙂  Our family saying is “Go BIG or go home”.  With that being said…big hat, big shades! I guess maybe it’s a Jersey […]

What type of sunglasses to buy for your blue eyes

Having blue eyes means having less protective pigments in your eyes and can sometimes lead to Macular Degeneration.  Wearing the right sunglasses can help the exposure to ultraviolet light, especially if you have blue eyes. Picking the right lens is half the battle.  You should look at lenses that offer ultraviolet (UV) protection.  The Oakley […]

What are the new sunglasses styles 2014?

From the runways across the world, people are always looking for the hottest trends from clothes to hair and makeup to sunglasses.  What are the new sunglasses styles of 2014? Matte frames seem to be very popular this season. Take a look at our Spy Cyrus Sunglasses.  As big and bold as the era that […]

Stop Glasses from Fogging while Hunting

When dealing with nature, unpredictability is the name of the game. Hunters know this especially well. Rain, snow, wind, fog…all can occur at the most unexpected and unwanted times of the day or night. You can’t avoid or predict the weather; the next best thing to do is prepare properly handle it, in all its […]

Why Do Sunglasses Look Bad on Me?

If you have no need for corrective vision eyewear and do not normally wear standard, clear-lens eyeglasses, you might have noticed an interesting (and somewhat bothersome) phenomenon. Why Do Sunglasses Look Bad on Me? Whenever you try on a pair of those off-the-rack sunglasses you find in department or mall store displays, they just don’t […]

Iconic Movie Glasses: The 90s

Ah, the 90’s. The fashion was tacky, the music was awesome, and the movies were surprisingly good. All in all not a bad decade for pop culture. Some of the most memorable movies of all time* came out of the 90’s. I’m not saying they were all good, for every Apollo 13 there just as […]

Best Selling Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Looking for a pair of motorcycle glasses that’s as impressive, useful, and attractive as your bike itself? Prescription Motorcycle Glasses: Which are the Best Selling? Prescription motorcycle glasses are used by most people who wear prescription glasses and ride a bike without a full face visor, and by many who use the visor as well. […]

Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

The Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013 The science behind eyewear is constantly advancing and improving, and the styles are getting better and better. If you’re a man shopping for prescription sunglasses this summer, you’re in for a treat. Some of the sunglasses frames and lenses out there today combine fashion and function […]

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