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Shooting Glasses Lenses Color Guide

If you’ve ever sought out to buy shooting glasses, you might realize there are a variety of colors to choose from. So how can you be sure you are picking the right tint?  While it may be tempting to pick a lens color based on the color alone, each lens color provides advantages in certain […]

Prescription Safety Glasses: Do You Have The Right Pair Of Glasses For Your Hunting Trips?

How much money would you say you spend on your hunting equipment every year? Over the years, you have probably built a large collection of firearms, hunting clothes, ammunition, boots, etc. If you have been prescribed glasses, does your collection consist of prescription safety glasses? Your prescription safety glasses are an important piece to your […]

Prescription Safety Glasses: Will You Be Ready For Hunting Season?

Are you marking the dates on the calendar in anticipation of deer season? Are you ready to pull out your gun? You already have your important safety gear in a storage container somewhere. Do you have your prescription safety glasses tucked away? If you do not, you definitely need to either look for it or purchase […]

Five People Who Can Benefit from Prescription Ballistic Glasses

When we think about individuals who could avail themselves of our fine line of prescription ballistic glasses, five specific groups of people spring to mind. While these are naturally not the only ones who could benefit, they are some of the most valuable customers that we serve, and their needs are important to us. Hunters Even […]

What to Look for in Prescription Shooting Glasses

Prescription shooting glasses do two things: they protect your eyes and enhance your vision. However, optimal prescription shooting glasses should have many features that appeal to you. Not every pair is made the same and understanding these differences is important to enjoying your time at the range or wherever you may be shooting. Comfort: Glasses […]

Prescription Shooting Glasses Protect Your Eyes and Enhance Accuracy

If you use prescription glasses for your everyday life, you shouldn’t go without that vision-enhancing power when you’re out shooting. Visual acuity, after all, is essential for being able to hit your targets. You also need to protect your eyes from airborne hazards that arise in a shooting environment. Fortunately, the solution to both of […]

Choosing Your Prescription Ballistic Glasses

When it comes to accuracy and safety when you’re shooting a gun, good eye protection helps preserve your vision and reduce the chances of an eye injury. After all, as a shooter, accuracy begins and ends with your eyesight. A good marksman can really only hit what he or she can see. Whether you’re an […]

The Right Choice: Non-Prescription and Prescription Shooting Glasses

Each year in the United States there are an estimated 2 million eye injuries, with 30,000 of them being firearms-related injuries. These injuries can happen to anyone using a gun, from hunters to target shooters to tactical shooters alike. As gun use relies on clear, sharp vision this can be an end to any participation […]

How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting?

Thinking about using Transitions for shooting? How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting? Shooting with Transition lenses can be a real treat; you get some sun protection in direct sunlight and perfect clarity when shooting indoors. Still Transitions aren’t for everyone. How do Transition lenses work for shooting? Transition lenses are great for getting some […]

Are Polarized Lenses Good for Shooting?

Looking for a great pair of glasses for shooting in the bright sun? Are Polarized Lenses Good for Shooting? This question depends on a few simple things and can be answered pretty easily if you know what to consider. Do you use electronics during your shooting? Are you out in the field with a GPS […]

Prescription Sunglasses in Camouflage

Wherever you look in the fashion industry you see camouflage.  From clothing to bags to even glasses you see camouflage.  Check out our Smith Optics Aegis Echo Prescription Multicam Eyeshield with Clear, Gray and Yellow Lenses.  This camouflage frame comes with clear, gray and yellow lenses. The Smith Optics Aegis Echo Prescription Multicam Eyeshield with […]

Wiley X Prescription Shooting Glasses: SG1

Need a great pair of prescription shooting glasses? Wiley X Prescription Shooting Glasses: SG1 Prescription shooting glasses can be hard to decide between, but there are some definite things that should be on every shooter’s “required” list for prescription shooting glasses. The Wiley X prescription shooting glasses, SG1, fill all of these requirements. Prescription shooting […]

Stick on Bifocals for Shooting

Need a custom bifocal setup for your shooting? Stick on Bifocals for Shooting Many shooters call us looking for custom safety glasses with special bifocals. We’ve heard it all: requests for a thin line of a bifocal, a bifocal in one eye, a small circular bifocal, a bifocal that’s removable, and all of the above. […]

Prescription Smith Optics Elite Frame for Shooting Glasses

When it comes to shooting, what do you consider your most crucial piece of equipment beyond your handgun or rifle? Your clothing? Proper outerwear, especially if you’re out hunting or target shooting, is indeed an important consideration. You need to keep warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and perhaps camouflaged when necessary. Boots […]

Prescription Wiley X Glasses for Military

You may think of Wiley X as a manufacturer of safety eyewear, a producer of sleek, comfortable glasses and goggles that protect the eyes on the job, on the racing track, or during any outdoor activity. Wiley X Prescription Glasses for Military And you’d be right. Wiley X has fashioned a name for themselves with […]

Prescription Shooting Eyeglasses for Archery

Archery is a challenging and demanding sport. As with any target or shooting activity, practice – repetition, repetition, repetition – is critical to improvement. As is crisp, clear vision. Regardless of your skill level or hours spent perfecting your form, to successfully hit a distant target you first need to be able to see it. […]

Prescription Glasses for Clay Shooting

Clay pigeon target shooting is one of the most challenging and fast-moving activities you’ll ever encounter. Targets can be launched at speeds in excess of 50 MPH and, to put your skills to the test, often at different elevations, speeds, and angles. Success requires excellent shooting skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and vision. Clay Shooting Rx […]

Prescription Shooting Glasses Suggestions, Please!

Finding a proper pair of prescription shooting glasses is a matter of examining your eyewear needs and the conditions under which you most often shoot. Can you benefit from bifocal lenses? Do you shoot outdoors or at an indoor range? Under harsh natural sunlight or under controlled artificial light? Suggestions for Prescription Shooting Glasses Obviously […]

Lens Colors for Shooting Glasses

The benefit of proper eye protection while shooting at the range or out in the field is easy to spot: you can’t replace your eyes, so you must protect them fully and at all times. What might not be so easy to spot is the relationship between lens colors and the ability to spot your […]

Top Bifocal Shooting Glasses

Wondering which bifocal glasses are the best for shooting? The Best Bifocal Shooting Glasses Shooting glasses are used for both safety and improvements in visual acuity and accuracy. Bifocal shooting glasses improve your shooting by allowing you to clearly see your sights and your target at the same time. The top bifocal shooting glasses are […]

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