What to Look for in Prescription Shooting Glasses

Prescription shooting glasses do two things: they protect your eyes and enhance your vision. However, optimal prescription shooting glasses should have many features that appeal to you. Not every pair is made the same and understanding these differences is important to enjoying your time at the range or wherever you may be shooting.


Glasses that sit comfortably on your face are going to make shooting your favorite guns more enjoyable. There are a number of ways that glasses can become uncomfortable. The terminals and nose-piece of the glasses can often cause problems and you will want to inspect these areas of your prescription shooting glasses. Glasses that feature rubberized inserts and nose pads are going to offer the best comfort. If adjustable, this means the terminals or nose-piece will also not be likely to obstruct your vision, irritate your skin or cause other concerns. When the glasses fit incorrectly such as being too tight on the nose, they often create indents and painful sores. Rubberized inserts and adjustable terminals/nose-pieces eliminate these concerns. Shooting glasses often have comfort features built in to better protect the wearer from these issues.

Clear Vision:

Prescription shooting glasses often have special coatings that can be applied to the glasses for vision enhancement.

Anti-Reflective Coating: An anti-reflective coating ensures that the lenses are nonreflective and not likely to reflect any light. This increases vision and eliminates the concern that the glasses may give away your location or be spotted by someone from a distance because of light reflection.

Anti-Fog Treatments: Fog can be another major concern in a shooting environment. If it is raining or if there is moisture in the air, fog becomes a major obstruction to vision. Glasses that do not have anti-fog treatment will likely fog-up and create difficulty seeing. Anti-fog treatment ensures that the glasses are protected from the fog.

Prescription shooting glasses sometimes have de-centered optics systems for their lenses. That means the lenses are made to different thicknesses, which avoids deformation and other concerns. Sometimes these lenses are even interchangeable. This allows the wearer to change lenses based on the current environment. This quick, easy to change lens system makes it easy to adapt to an environment and guarantee optimal, clear vision. When you are shooting a highly powerful weapon, clear vision is a top priority and something you need to take extremely seriously.

Naturally, prescription shooting glasses are sometimes catered to your eyesight needs. The glasses are made based on your personal prescription requirements. After seeing an eye specialist, your prescription shooting glasses will undergo a lens crafting process that can take several days.


When shooting a firearm, you are already dealing with a considerable amount of weight. Ensuring that your gear is as lightweight as possible is a must. Prescription shooting glasses use lightweight and innovative materials such as carbon, nylon, and titanium. Often manufactured in Germany, they are produced by some of the most qualified safety glasses companies. The weight of the glasses plays a role in their comfort and portability as well. The less weight they have to them, the easier they are to maneuver or remove from your face.


When you are shooting a weapon, you probably want to look good doing it. Style is an important consideration with prescription shooting glasses. Style preferences differ depending on the individual. Some like futuristic looking glasses while others prefer the traditional look of glasses. Your own sense of style will need to be taken into account when shopping for prescription shooting glasses. Try to find glasses that you feel comfortable wearing and see as sleek, attractive, or professional looking.

If you would like to ask our experts questions on prescription shooting glasses or are wondering where you can find a pair to purchase, please contact us.

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