How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting?

Thinking about using Transitions for shooting?

How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting?

Shooting with Transition lenses can be a real treat; you get some sun protection in direct sunlight and perfect clarity when shooting indoors. Still Transitions aren’t for everyone.

How do Transition lenses work for shooting?

  • Transition lenses are great for getting some protection from brightness in direct sunlight, but they don’t darken much or at all in indirect sunlight or behind the windshield of a car (don’t expect them to double as driving sunglasses).
  • Transitions don’t get as dark as many styles of polarized sunglasses. If you’re looking for dark glasses, Transitions are going to be a little light for you. Not for super sensitive eyes.
  • Transition lenses work for shooting if you’re shooting in bright or overcast conditions and want to cut down somewhat on the brightness, without having super dark sunglasses.
  • Transitions are also great all-around shooting glasses because they’ll work at the indoor range and shooting or hunting outdoors.
  • Transition shooting glasses won’t work for shooting if you’re very sensitive to bright sunlight and you want to shoot outside, unless you’re also planning on wearing a cap to get more protection from the brightness.

If you’re a shooter looking for glasses to protect you in the bright outdoors and at the indoor shooting range, Transition lenses are a great choice.

If you have any questions about shooting glasses, you can find out more by giving us a call or leaving a comment below. Transitions are great for many people, but they’re not for all shooters.

One other key feature to remember about Transitions lenses versus polarized sunglasses is that Transitions have the added bonus of not affecting your ability to view electronics, as long as you don’t get them polarized. Polarized lenses will not allow you to see all electronics, and they can also often be too dark for some outdoor conditions, lowering your visual acuity. As long as your eyes aren’t very sensitive to bright sunlight, the relatively lower amount of darkness of Transitions will actually be a bonus while shooting in bright sunlight; more light to your eyes means a better view of your target! Please let us know if you have more questions about shooting glasses, and thanks for reading!

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    I do dynamic shooting will transition glasses work?

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