Best Prescription Goggles for Airsoft

Many brands offer safety glasses that can be use as airsoft safety gear. But, to get the best prescription goggles for airsoft you need to consider a features. At Rx Safety we have a wide selection of Tactical Prescription Safety Glasses, which will be great for Airsoft users. All our safety glasses are ANSI Z87 approved, and our Tactical Safety Glasses are also military approved. In other words, you will get the best prescription goggles for airsoft at RX Safety.

Top Brands to Consider

Airsoft is like role-playing military operations without the possible injuries you could get in an actual battle. When looking for goggles, consider military brands once they have Z87+ Ballistics certification.

Wiley X 

Prominently known for providing protective eyewear for the military, Wiley X keeps the same ballistic standards in their goggles. Because of this, their goggles are great for airsoft. The Wiley X Spear meets ballistics standards and has all the qualities you want in a pair; a ventilation system to prevent fog, wraparound clear view. Plus, they have protection against 100% of UV light with their polycarbonate Selenite™ lenses. 

Their patented Selenite™ lenses are ten times more impact resistant than glass. They are stronger than conventional polycarbonate lenses, which is already one of the strongest lens materials. Plus, they have great clarity, with very little distortion. Wiley X offers this lens technology in most of their eyewear.

Smith Optics Elite 

Smith Optics Elite are consider some of the most durable glasses and are been use by many soldiers. This brand meets several different ANSI standards including Z87+ Ballistics. They are built to protect your eye from constant flying debris. In other words, Smith Optics glasses are great for airsoft. Many goggles they offer, like their Outside the Wire Goggles, can also seamlessly be integrate with various helmets and face masks. 

This pair is also flame-resistant and has antimicrobial foam to prevent bacterial build-up from the elements. Smith Optics goggles have many other key qualities you need for airsoft. Like anti-fog ventilation, scratch resistance coatings, UV protection, and overall great optical quality. 


ESS eyewear is not only design for military purposes, but for professions like law enforcement and firefighting. They meet stringent military standards like MIL-DTL-43511D and MIL-PRF-31013 and exceed all ANSI standards. Which makes their goggles a great option for airsoft. The ESS Profile Flight Pro is a pair to look out for. This U.S. Navy approved pair has advanced ClearZone™ FlowCoat lenses. Which provides anti-scratch coatings on the outside of the lens and anti-fog coatings on the inside. It also has a filtration system that ventilates airborne particles and bacteria.   

Most goggles ESS has fit very well over prescription glasses. Their patented speed-clip system makes it quick and easy for strap adjustment with any pair of gloves you wear. They are highly reviewed and considered a great brand for airsoft.


Bobster is a brand that has many options to choose from, and for airsoft, their prescription goggles are great. Their goggles are adjustable to fit any size face. As most goggles have extendable temples and a narrow bridge design that allows the frame to rest comfortably on your nose without slipping and sliding. You also have multiple foam options like closed cell, open cell, neoprene foam, fire retardant, and removable foam; all options providing a comfortable fit. 

The Bobster Bala Safety Glasses are great for airsoft because of these qualities. This pair has anti-fog lenses and fits comfortably with many different helmet types. All Bobster goggles are durable and are ANSI Z87+ Ballistics approve.

Phillips Safety

If any of these options aren’t for you, we do offer our own goggles. Similar to other brands, our wraparound safety goggles are impact resistant and extremely comfortable to wear. Many frames contain detachable foam gaskets, adjustable nose bridges, and lightweight designs. These goggles can be use for long periods of time without feeling the weight on your face. 

Many of our frames are ANSI Z87.1-2003 approve, like the PDX Extreme Safety Goggles. This pair is great for airsoft because of how comfortable it can fit with your facemask and helmet. It can easily adjust to your liking during any moment in an airsoft battle. Our prescription goggles fit well. In addition, they also provide maximum protection to your eyes by blocking 100% of UV light.

Key Qualities to Look for

There are many key qualities to look for in your goggles, the most important being protection. In order to protect your eyes from the pellets, goggles with ANSI Z87+ Ballistics certification are consider best for extreme sports and other physical uses. A pair with this certification means that it has military-grade impact protection and are test to survive the military’s high-speed impact standards. Mesh goggles are a popular choice for airsoft, but we don’t recommend them. These goggles won’t completely shield your eyes from BBs, which shatter if hitting at a high enough speed (FPS). They are also not Z87+ Ballistics approve. 

With some spring-loaded rifles reaching as high as 700 FPS, we recommend polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance as glass can shatter too easily. You will also need to shield all parts of your eyes, once you may be shooting at from various angles at the same time, so wraparound goggles are great for airsoft. Even though impact resistance is the highest priority in your airsoft goggles, it is nearly as important to see clearly. Add-on features, like coatings to improve your vision, are a great way to accomplish that. 

Airsoft is primarily played outdoors, so your airsoft goggles can get messy from your surroundings. In order to prevent this, some goggles will have anti-fog capabilities or may include a hydrophobic coating to prevent moisture build-up and unwanted marks. Some may even offer both of these features. These options are accessible with many brands and can help you get a tactical advantage on the airsoft field. 

Another important factor to consider is how well your goggles fit. The last thing you need is a pair that grinds against your face or falls off, but with foam padding, it will fit snug and softly against your temple. Many brands offer foam padding, but you also want your goggles and facemask to fit comfortably together. If you own a pair of prescription glasses and need them during an airsoft battle, some goggles can be use over the glasses. If that’s not an option, there are also some goggles that can be made in your prescription like Bobster and ESS. With these qualities considered, here are some brands that offer great goggles for airsoft.

Your Decision

With the right pair of goggles, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your eyes are protected. As much as other types of eyewear that have ANSI approval are great for other activities, we strongly recommend goggles for the fact that it protects every angle of your eye. 

The dynamics of an airsoft battle mirrors actual warfare which is why most airsoft players look for military-grade goggles to wear. If Wiley X, Smith Optics Elite, ESS, and Bobster aren’t for you, we have plenty of other brands to choose from that are durable, yet comfortable. Be sure to check our website for the latest prescription goggles.  

About Airsoft

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players take part in mock combat. The pellets from a gun can cause serious harm, depending on how strong the gun is and how far you are from the shooter. But if you wear the necessary gear, you can avoid harm. You will need gear to play airsoft, and protect you from the BBs damaging your skin. But let’s not forget about a pair of airsoft safety goggles. With BB’s at high speeds coming at you constantly, your eyes are exposed to danger if not properly protected. That’s why we made a selection of the best prescription goggles for airsoft.

Plus, airsoft pellets can penetrate the skin, and damage tissue and small bones. So we recommend not only wearing protective gear at all times, but also a pair of prescription goggles. Even if you are just target shooting for fun you should still wear a pair as you can get hit by ricochets. Some of the most common ocular airsoft injuries are corneal abrasion and hyphema, which is a medical emergency. On the other hand, as long as you wear protective goggles, you can avoid a hospital visit. 

If you are an airsoft enthusiast or a newcomer, it is important to know which pair of goggles to look for. Many brands offer prescription goggles that can be used for airsoft, but if you are not sure what to look for, we hope to help you to find the right pair, whether you are new to the sport or a veteran player. 

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