Five People Who Can Benefit from Prescription Ballistic Glasses

When we think about individuals who could avail themselves of our fine line of prescription ballistic glasses, five specific groups of people spring to mind. While these are naturally not the only ones who could benefit, they are some of the most valuable customers that we serve, and their needs are important to us.


Even apart from the potential danger of a misfiring weapon, hunting is rife with the possibility of eye injuries. As hunters make their way through the woods, sharp twigs and branches, when pushed aside, can snap back suddenly toward the face. Unfortunately, other hunters may create dangerous situations through inattention or tomfoolery.

Even animals who are not the nature of the hunt can pose a potential threat to the eyes. One hunter, for example, sustained an eye injury during a surprise owl attack. Our guess is that a sturdy set of ballistic glasses would have fended off some of a screech owl’s ferocity.


OSHA estimates that approximately one thousand eye injuries occur per day in the American workplace, leading to nearly $300 million in losses through lost production time, medical expenses, and worker’s compensation. That’s why it’s so important that both employers and employees pay special attention to appropriate eye protection, especially in the manufacturing industry.

The damage that can be done when heavy machinery goes awry is a scary consideration, but we must remember that an accident does not have to be large-scale in order to bring about lasting damage. Even small grains and particles can do quite a bit of damage to an organ as delicate as the eye. Ballistics glasses will go a long way toward protecting against such dangers.

First Responders

Whether we think of police officers who must discharge firearms while in the line of duty or EMS responders responsible for performing vehicle extractions, we want to be clear that people in this group deserve the best possible eye protection with the best possible clarity of vision. Because these men and women routinely put themselves in harm’s way for the good of society, we want to ensure that their personal safety measures are as effective as possible.

Combat Personnel 

On a related note, men and women in the military also deserve the best possible ballistic eye protection–especially if they are sent into active combat zones. Throughout their training and into their time of active duty, combat personnel must depend on their ballistic eyewear to allow them to both see well while and protect their eyes.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, hundreds of thousands of brave American patriots currently serve as combat specialists. They deserve the best possible eye care during their time of military service.

People Like You

If you’re actively involved in hunting, manufacturing, emergency response, or military combat, or if you participate in any other activity that regularly puts your eyes in danger of small, flying fragments, then finding the right pair of prescription ballistic glasses is important. It’s not a decision that should be rushed, either. With the safety of your eyes on the line, you must take your time and weigh your options. Not only must you consider the quality of the materials, but you must also consider the style of the frames and the fit of the glasses themselves.

Know that we understand the importance of such considerations and that we’re here to help streamline the process for you. For more information on our line of quality products, or to hear about our current deals, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pair of prescription ballistic glasses to enhance your career, sporting endeavors, or hobbies.

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