Do you need shooting glasses if you use glasses?

Do-you-need-shooting-glasses-if-you- wear-regular-glasses?

While prescription glasses offer great visual advantages for wearers, when it comes to shooting activities, they aren’t as protective. In fact, safety glasses offer far more protection. With impact resistant lenses, for instance, they can protect the eyes against debris and other flying objects. So if you’re shooting for sport or other events and have a prescription, you no longer have to worry about having multiple glasses. With RX Safety, you get prescription shooting glasses that are ANSI Z87+ fortified, or with high military ratings like MIL-32432, for instance – perfect for any shooting occasion.  

Stay with us. We’ll talk about safety ratings for shooting glasses and a few recommendations that we have on prescription tactical glasses that we believe would be perfect for any shooting event.  Learn more about if I wear prescription glasses do I need to wear safety glasses when shooting?

ANSI safety glasses

The American National Standard Institute (or ANSI) creates standard regulations for the products and equipment on the US market. With RX Safety, all of our safety glasses are ANSI Z87+ approved, which means they possess the greatest safety features for occupational eyewear protection.

RX Safety offers ANSI safety glasses making it easier to have a prescription while shooting. Because shooting glasses must be ANSI Z87+ high impact approved, it’s important that you consider if they’ve been held to rigorous industry standards. 

Next, we’ll consider another safety rating that you might want to keep on your radar in regards to shooting glasses.

MIL-32432 tactical glasses

Glasses with the military safety rating MIL-32432 are great as tactical shooting glasses as well. This safety certification is a US military standard for glasses and goggles, with or without a prescription. 

Military glasses rated MIL-32432 utilize similar test methods of ANSI Z87+. This includes the regulations for prismatic power, high impact protection, corrosion resistance to salt water, flammability, as well as temperature and humidity requirements. 

So choosing ANSI Z87+ safety shooting glasses and military tactical glasses with high regulations are preferable over regular prescription glasses. Next, we’ll give you some recommendations for shooting glasses for your ultimate safety needs.

Prescription shooting glasses: our recommendations

Cheap safety glasses don’t have to be flimsy and unreliable. In fact, our personal recommendations are affordable and original, and will leave you feeling both confident and secure during any occasion. 

Take our sporty Geardo safety glasses. They are extremely lightweight, making them perfect for all day wear. They are also extremely durable and are made from TR-90 Nylon. Their features provide you with a comfortable fit, allowing you to perform at your best. 

The Oakley Standard Issue Speed Jacket Safety Glass offers tactically at its finest. These sophisticated, complete glasses offer several features including High Definition Optics for sharper vision and Thin Stem technology for a fully equipped frame. 

Lastly, we recommend Wiley X Rogue sunglasses for your shooting needs. These tech-savvy glasses offer a lightweight frame, with durable and changeable lenses. They also feature shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate lenses for ultimate durability, meeting both military and safety glasses standards. 

We’re here to help

We know that choosing the right pair of shooting glasses will offer the greatest solutions to your prescription eyewear needs. Inquire online or give us a call. With ANSI Z87 safety glasses and tactical glasses at affordable prices, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect pair of shooting glasses suitable for you.

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