The Top Aviator Shooting Glasses for Hunting and Shooting


Aviator shooting glasses come in many different styles and preferences for the shooter themselves. However, they are a staple safety component when it comes to shooting. This is because aviator tactical glasses typically have a much larger lens than other frame types. 

In addition, the lenses tend to be curved, which helps with added protection in the field of vision. It also helps to reduce UV rays from coming in, even from the angles as well as keeping the visible light appropriate for the weather conditions and lighting conditions.

This is true if you’re also looking for aviator prescription glasses for shooting, whether the prescription lenses still have the benefits of being larger and coming at a better design for protection. This helps easier with protection against flying debris as well, regardless if you get yourself aviator glasses for shooting or aviator prescription glasses for shooting.  

Do keep in mind how you will be shooting as well, and make sure you get safety aviator glasses for shooting that work with your style, whether it’s indoor shooting or you need something a bit more rugged for outdoor shooting and hunting. Either way, know that our offering at RX-Safety will come with the right type of safety ratings and standards so that your vision will be clear and your eyes will be protected.

No matter what, always make sure that you focus on sizing and safety standards these aviator glasses have met to ensure that they can protect your eyes properly.

Our recommendations

Below, you will find a selection of RX Safety’s top recommendations for aviator shooting glasses specifically designed to enhance your experience in hunting and shooting activities. These carefully curated options prioritize not only optimal visual clarity and eye protection but also ensure a stylish and comfortable fit, catering to the unique demands of shooting enthusiasts.

These Smith safety aviator glasses for shooting are a fantastic choice. They come with both ANSI Z87 high impact and velocity rating standards and ballistic standards MIL-PRF-32432. In addition, these Aviator safety glasses come with 100% protection from UVA / UVB and UVC rays. The lenses also provide enhanced optical vision. They are a metal frame and come in Matte Gunmetal Frame with Gray lenses. The temples are bent for a better fit, and there are also adjustable nose pads, which are sized for large to medium-sized heads.

There are two color options for these metal-framed aviator tactical glasses, which are pewter and antique gold. They also meet safety standards and have achieved ANSI Z87-2+ ratings. Even with their metal construction and detachable side shields, they are still quite lightweight. On top of that, they have nose pads made of silicone that are adjustable and comfortable. The RX-600 is perfect for larger to extra-large-sized heads.

The final pair of safety aviator glasses for shooting we’re going to look at are the RX-100 frames. These also come in metal construction, in Black. The side shields can be kept on to protect from additional debris and can be removed when needed. The RX-100 has ANSI Z87-2+ safety standards making them great as aviator glasses for shooting. These can be worn seamlessly between regular or aviator glasses for shooting. They are best for medium to large-sized heads.


Yellow Vs. Clear lens
for Shooting Glasses

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The many options of shooting glasses at RX Safety

In conclusion, RX Safety’s collection of shooting glasses provides a perfect blend of style and safety, allowing individuals to protect their eyes without compromising on their fashion sense. With a variety of frame options available in different colors, customers can choose the perfect pair that fits their unique style and preferences.


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