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How to Keep Your Glasses From Falling Off When Playing Sports

No matter the sports that you enjoy playing, there are certain “must-haves” that make the experience much more enjoyable. One of those “must-haves” is proper eyewear. Whether you are watching a fast pitch approach you during a baseball game or are eyeing the defense before driving to the basketball hoop, it’s critical to have great […]

Best Prescription Glasses for Sports

Best Prescription Glasses for Sports Being an athlete can be tough but finding the best prescription sports glasses can be even tougher. If you’re shopping for a new pair of sports glasses, there isn’t just one top brand for it. You can find a whole group of top brands that offer a selection of high-quality […]

Youth Prescription Sports Glasses For Baseball

Protective polycarbonate helmets are essential for all kids who play baseball but if your child requires prescription sports glasses for baseball, they need to upgrade to impact-resistant eyewear that won’t shatter if hit by a ball. Safety glasses can be ordered with or without a prescription. Here’s what you need to know. Prescription Sports Glasses […]

What You Need to Know About Buying Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online

Buying glasses online can be a difficult proposition in any situation. You need to make sure that you get the promised quality, while at the same time still benefiting from the potential costs savings you could realize through this avenue. That only rings more true for prescription safety glasses. Here, multiple variables enter the equation. […]

Should You Buy Your Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses Online?

Your eye’s safety is nothing to play around with. So naturally, you gravitate towards brands like Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses that have established themselves as credible and high-quality. That way, you can make sure that any safety glasses you find do their job in protecting your sight from any condition you might find yourself in. […]

The Biggest Prescription Eyeglass Trends Going Into 2018

As we get closer to 2018, it makes sense to start paying attention to the newest trends in prescription eyeglasses. Following these trends will make sure that you look amazing, while still allowing you to see clearly.Always remember: no matter what your personal taste is, you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses to love. That’s especially the […]

Why Wiley X Youth Force Sport Glasses are worth the Money

The last thing in the world you want for your kids is to be limited by their need for glasses. It’s not the 50s anymore and kids with glasses can have just as much fun in active and even rough-and-tumble activities like sports or even pool parties. Glasses have come a long way in the last […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses for Sailing

For those unfamiliar with the activity, sailing seems idyllic. However, this viewpoint will quickly change for the unprepared. First of all, for those who are complete landlubbers, the boat motions in the water can be unsettling. On heavy seas, the rolling, pitching, and yawing motions combined with the constant sun glare can give you headaches or […]

Prescription Wiley-X Glasses: Do You Need Progressive Lenses for Sports?

For some sports, you can get by without progressive lenses because they only require vision correction for distance. If you’re a runner, a single vision lens for distance works fine if you don’t need to read a map and if you’re running on pavement. However, map usage will require near vision and running on trails […]

Don’t Forget Your Nike Prescription Glasses For Your Upcoming Sport Season

There was a time when not many athletes would wear eyewear that was designed to protect their eyes from sustaining any injuries. Things have really changed today because you will find athletes in all sports wearing protective eyewear. It does not matter if the athletes are young or older, little league stars or major league […]

Use Nike Prescription Glasses for Winter Sports

Snow is cold, requires frequent removal from driveways, and makes driving difficult. These aspects of snow make winter the least favorite season for many people. However, for those “in the know” about winter sports, winter is an easily tolerated or even favorite time of the year. The cold temperatures of winter are easily tolerated by engaging in active […]

Make Your Next Pair of Shades Nike Prescription Glasses

Since Nike strongly associates itself with sports and athletics, regular people may wonder why they should get Nike prescription glasses instead of a more traditional type. The answer is simple: Sunglasses, like any other prominent thing that people wear, are fashion statements. They can also be statements about a person’s lifestyle and values. Therefore, many […]

Prescription sports goggles for lacrosse

Protecting your eyes while playing sports is extremely important.  Lacrosse is a sport that is becoming very popular and unfortunately it is also a sport that can cause serious injuries to the eyes if the proper eyewear is not worn.  At we offer an array of sports goggles to help ensure that your eyes […]

Rec Specs Maxx 30 prescription glasses

The Rec specs Maxx 30 are a great choice for protecting your eyes while playing sports. They are the first protective sports eyewear to receive the AOA (American Optometric Association) seal of acceptance.  The frame is unisex and we offer it in the following colors: Crimson/Black, Shiny Navy Blue/Black, Plated Silver and Shiny Black.  The […]

Prescription rec specs for basketball

Many eye injuries typically occur while playing sports.  But why can’t you just wear regular glasses to protect your eyes while playing sports?  Simply because they do not offer the proper protection that you need if a ball goes flying at your face or you get poked in the eye.  Check out our website […]

Anti Fog Wipes for Ski Goggles

There are many instances where fogged lenses can be so much more than just inconvenient. Ski Goggle Anti-Fog Wipes Depending on the task at hand, vision impairment caused by fog can be unsafe, treacherous, and potentially fatal. Skiing is an activity that falls into that latter category. Sure, it’s annoying when your goggles fog up […]

Stop Glasses from Fogging while Hunting

When dealing with nature, unpredictability is the name of the game. Hunters know this especially well. Rain, snow, wind, fog…all can occur at the most unexpected and unwanted times of the day or night. You can’t avoid or predict the weather; the next best thing to do is prepare properly handle it, in all its […]

Golf Glasses to Find the Ball Quickly

Looking for a great pair of shades for the fairway? If you’re a golfer, you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be to mosey around the fairway (or rough) trying to find your ball. Ever wonder if there are golf glasses to find the ball quickly? The good news is that a variety of […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Golf

Looking for a solid pair of attractive glasses that’ll improve your vision on the fairway? When it comes to enhancing your performance on the golf course, investing in the right eyewear can make all the difference. Nike prescription sunglasses tailored for golf enthusiasts provide a blend of style and functionality, making them a smart choice […]

Prescription Sports Glasses for Adults

Your vision is essential to your quality of life; it is the human being’s most relied-upon sense. What would you do if you lost an eye to your favorite sport? What Adults Should Know About Prescription Sports Glasses In the United States alone, a person visites the ER every 13 minutes with an eye injury […]

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