Youth Prescription Sports Glasses For Baseball

Protective polycarbonate helmets are essential for all kids who play baseball but if your child requires prescription sports glasses for baseball, they need to upgrade to impact-resistant eyewear that won’t shatter if hit by a ball. Safety glasses can be ordered with or without a prescription. Here’s what you need to know.

Prescription Sports Glasses Or Goggles Must Be ASTM F803

Even if you have invested in a durable frame that can keep up with your child’s daily play when it comes to their baseball glasses you need to order a prescription pair that meets the American Society for Testing and Material’s (ASTM) highest impact safety standards—F803. There are other safety ratings, but this is the minimum you want for baseball. This safety rating means that the lenses and frames ensure:

  • Advanced eye rim design allows for a wide range of prescription lens power.
  • Molded padding provides grip, comfort, and durable long-lasting protection.
  • The softness of the material allows the temple to act as an extension of the strap – providing flex, comfort, and grip during play.
  • Frame made of high-impact nylon.
  • Polycarbonate lenses meet ASTM F803 shatterproof standards.
  • Soft, hypoallergenic TPR bridge for added comfort.

Do All Kids Need Shatterproof Baseball Glasses?

There are over 33,000 sports-related emergency room visits in the United States each year. The younger or newer to baseball a child is, the higher the risk as they are still developing their athletic skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction time, and speed. With the use of athletic eyewear, it is estimated that 90 percent of sports eye injuries can be avoided. When it comes to baseball the highest risk for eye injury is when playing the field, but there is still a risk when they are up to bat. Reduce this risk around 90 percent by investing in baseball goggles—with or without a prescription. Don’t worry, there are some fun and cool styles to choose from, of which our favorites are below.

Rec Specs Maxx 20 Baseball Glasses For Kids 8 And Younger

The Rec Specs Maxx 20 Baseball Glasses are the most popular option for kids 8 years and younger, with ball speeds at 40 MPH and below. These are a unisex goggle with a built-in strap to keep them in place. They come in four fun and baseball uniform-friendly colors—black, crimson, navy blue, royal blue. They come in two different youth sizes and the temple and bridge have padding for both comfort and fit.

Rec Specs Maxx 20 Multi-Sport Prescription Sports Glasses For Kids

If your child is 8 years and younger and requires athletic glasses for multiple sports, this is the pair for them. These are similar to the baseball goggles above but are approved for softball, volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, running, and more. No need to invest in a strap they have on built-in. The strap helps to keep their athletic glasses from falling off and keep them in place while they play. These Rec Specs Maxx 20 Multi-Sport Glasses are unisex, come in 2 different youth sizes, and 6 different colors.

Rec Specs Maxx 31 Multi-Sport Goggles For Teens And Adults

As your kids grow they will transition into a wider athletic frame but they can stick with the Rec Spec brand with the Rec Specs Maxx 31 Multi-Sport goggles. These unisex goggles come in 4 different colors and can be worn to play baseball, softball, basketball, football and more. They are particularly comfortable for sports that require a helmet as they have a temple-free strap designed to keep them close to the head. However, the more active your child is the more they may prefer this temple-free option. As with all glasses on this list, you can order these with or without a prescription.

Rec Specs Maxx 30 Multi-Sport Prescription Sports Glasses For Teens And Adults

If you or your teenager prefer more of a glass than a goggle this sleek design by Rec Specs delivers. It is still wise to invest in a strap so that they stay put when playing baseball. For no-contact sports like running a strap may not be needed. These unisex glasses have to comfort padding built-in, but a bit less than the goggles above.

Bolle Sports League For Teens And Adults

We like these unisex rubber sports safety glasses by Bolle Sports League are unique because they come with Bolle’s signature Click & Twist System, which wraps the frame comfortably around your face and head—without the need for a strap. In addition to their ATSM F803 safety and shatterproof rating, they are antifog and one of the 3 color options has an orange lens perfect for sunny days.

The sportswear glasses on this list all have the ATSM F803 safety rating suggested for baseball, but if your child is playing a sport with a lower risk of eye injuries, such as track or volleyball, we have a variety of durable sports glasses with lower shatter ratings.

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