Best Prescription Glasses for Sports

Best Prescription Glasses for Sports

Being an athlete can be tough but finding the best prescription sports glasses can be even tougher. If you’re shopping for a new pair of sports glasses, there isn’t just one top brand for it. You can find a whole group of top brands that offer a selection of high-quality glasses for active men, women, and children. 

There are many qualities that distinguish prescription sports glasses from other forms of eyewear that not only can improve your vision and protect your eyes but give you that extra edge. Because sports can be fast and physical, being fit and durable is a must, so look for the same traits in your prescription sports glasses in order to keep up with the demands of the sport you play. Before deciding which pair is best for you, we want you to know the right qualities to look for in sports eyewear. 

Top qualities to look for in Sports Eyewear

When searching for sports glasses, look for a pair with a secure, yet comfortable fit, that can withstand constant force. In a physical sport, for instance, soccer, you are constantly moving around, and it can be distracting if your glasses are slipping down your face or falling off completely. That’s why many sports glasses come with an adjustable strap. Not only should a strap provide a secure fit, but the nosepiece should fit snugly in order to prevent it from slipping off from accumulated sweat. 

You might notice that you can’t find sports glasses with glass lenses. This is because glass is just not strong enough to withstand the physical forces found in most sports. Polycarbonate lenses, on the other hand, are built to withstand that force. If simple polycarbonate lenses aren’t for you, some brands offer photochromic lenses, which are clear lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight.

Not only should the lenses be impact resistant, but the frames should be too. Most sports glasses are made out of plastic materials that are durable and flexible. Just as sports glasses need to be strong, remember that at the end of the day, glasses are for your vision. Make sure to look for a pair that can not only take punishment, but help you see clearly, and comfortably, while you play. 

On the topic of impact resistance, you might have seen, or heard of, something called ANSI or ASTM. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z87.1) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F803) are the two main standards in impact resistance, only certifying glasses if they can withstand tremendous amounts of force. It is recommended to own a pair that is F803 approved, not only for adults but especially for children. ANSI Z87.1 approval is still a legitimate certification for glasses for physical activities, but we consider F803 as a better option as they were created specifically to test sports eyewear to a stricter eligibility requirement than ANSI Z87.1.

Not all brands have F803 certifications for their sports glasses. For example, Oakley, which is well known for its sportswear, only provides ANSI Z87.1. Brands that have F803 we offer are Leader, Rec Specs, Bolle, and Wiley X.

Top Brands with F803 Certification


Leader is a great option that has F803 certification. Their sports glasses are known to provide a clear view while staying snug on your face while you play. The polycarbonate lenses maximize airflow to minimize fogging in order to maintain clear vision at all times. As for grip, Leader includes padded temples in order for the glasses to fit tight, and comfortably, against your forehead. 

Leader is great for physical sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, squash, racquetball, and tennis. Not only do they offer high quality glasses for regular sports, but Leader also offers eyewear for water sports, like competitive swimming, and other activities like snorkeling or diving. 

Rec Specs

Rec Specs are considered one of the world’s leading brands of high-quality protective sports eyewear with F803 certification. This brand specializes in making their glasses with a comfortable fit while maintaining impact resistance. Their frames are made up of high-impact nylon and include molded padding which provides grip, comfort, and durable long-lasting protection. The softness of the material allows the temple to act as an extension of the strap, making every pair adjustable to fit most people.

For added comfort and grip, Rec Specs also include a soft, hypoallergenic, TPR bridge which is a type of injection-molded rubber fitted to the nosepiece. Rec Specs frame material is next to none, and the advanced eye rims also allow a wide range of polycarbonate prescription lens powers to be used. 


Another brand that has F803 approval is Bolle. Their glasses can withstand forces from a variety of sources, and provides clear vision from the weather, or sports hazards. By co-injecting hard material and very soft material at the same time, they make their frames durable, and great at absorbing shock. Their frames also have a very low risk of allergic reactions, because they do not use chemical bonding agents when creating them. 

In order to maintain clear vision, Bolle includes air flow systems in each pair of sports glasses they produce. This system provides a clear view at all times. This is thanks to a venting system that directs airflow across the inside surface of the lens, preventing moisture and fogging. Their glasses can come in polycarbonate or photochromic lenses and can be made with most prescriptions.

Wiley X

Wiley X are well known for providing high-quality eyewear for law enforcement officers, where eye protection is paramount, but they also provide great eyewear for sports. They include Facial Cavity™, their own patented design, that prevents fine dust, pollen, and wind from causing damage to your eyes. The removable soft foam Facial Cavity™ also blocks out peripheral light, optimizing optical clarity.

When it comes to resistance, Wiley X lenses were built for sports. Their polycarbonate Selenite™ lenses are shatterproof and ten times more impact resistant than glass and meet F803 standards. Their youth glasses can withstand projectiles the size of a golf ball fired at a rate of 90 mph. Because of this, Wiley X sports glasses can withstand forces found in most activities while keeping a clear vision.

Finding the Right Glasses for the Right Sport

It can be hard to choose the right pair of glasses for the sport you play. There are so many sports like football, soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, and cycling, all with different requirements and needs. If a pair of glasses aren’t F803 approved, there is more of a chance that that pair can break. This is why we recommend you own a pair with this certification, especially for young athletes. You can still use a pair that has ANSI Z87.1 but remember that F803 was made specifically to test eyewear in sports. If you find a pair without either of these two certifications, it is a big red flag

Once you find a pair that has the right certification, remember to select a frame that also improves your vision. Clear vision is always a top priority when playing. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we hope to have helped you find a pair with more confidence and knowledge to have answered any questions you may have had. Be sure to check out our website for brands like Leader, Rec Specs, Bolle, and Wiley X.

  1. Tim Johnson says:

    I work in meat processing plant doing maintenance. And I’m looking for glasses that don’t fog up while wearing a mask. Are these fog resistant? How are they for scratches?

    • rxsafety says:

      They have a built in scratch resistance. Anyone of our safety frames can get the anti fog put on them.

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