Anti Fog Wipes for Ski Goggles

There are many instances where fogged lenses can be so much more than just inconvenient.

Ski Goggle Anti-Fog Wipes

Depending on the task at hand, vision impairment caused by fog can be unsafe, treacherous, and potentially fatal. Skiing is an activity that falls into that latter category. Sure, it’s annoying when your goggles fog up while on the lift or at the bottom of a hill, but fogged lenses on top of the slope – or worse yet, while skiing down it – can be downright dangerous. Moving downhill at a high rate of speed is not the time to suffer vision impairment due to fog.

Yet if you’re a skier you know it’s inevitable. The reason is simple physics – the clash between warm air and hot air, which causes condensation to collect on your goggles. Skiing is one of those sports in which the mingling of hot and cold air cannot be avoided. It takes place in cold weather, where your goggles adapt and adjust to the chilly temperature. Then you place them on your face and air trapped inside the goggles begins to warm. Start your descent and the temperature extremes only worsen; the thrill and exertion cause your body temperature (and the air inside the goggle) to rise, while the rush of cold air against the outside of the lens decreases the exterior temperature. Before you know it, moisture is collecting inside your goggles – at the worst time possible.

Experienced skiers deal with this dilemma by pre-treating their ski goggles with an anti-fog application. This leaves a film on the surface of the inner and outer lenses that prevents water molecules from coalescing into the layer of fog that obscures your vision. There are many different varieties of anti-fog wipes available on the market, but here at Rx-Safety we carry only one: the Fog Buster Lens Treatment System, manufactured and distributed by Hilco. The Fog Buster is our choice because it is specially formulated to perform even when cold environments come into contact with hot ones…conditions that make it ideal for treating ski goggles.

The Fog Buster is a two-part, single-use system that consists of a pre-moistened cloth, which contains the anti-fog solution and is applied to the lenses, and a special lint-free dry cloth that is used to spread and buff the solution. Details and benefits provided by the Fog Buster Lens Treatment include:

  • It is ideal for use with most eyeglasses, sunglasses, sports goggles, and industrial safety eyewear
  • It is optimized for use with ophthalmic lenses, ski goggles, scuba masks, and helmet shields
  • The convenient, single-use towelettes can easily be kept in your pocket for on-site application
  • Goes on clear and stays clear
  • A single application can, depending on usage, prevent lens fogging for hours or days
  • Not recommended for anti-reflective coated lenses
  • Flexible packaging that is easy to pack and inexpensive

Rx-Safety carries Fog Buster in three convenient count sizes. We encourage you to give Fog Buster a trial run for only a few bucks by purchasing a 10-count box. Once satisfied with it, you can reorder Fog Buster in an even more economical size, the 30-count or the 60-count. When you see how clear Fog Buster wipes keep your ski goggles – in all conditions, from the biting wind of the highest peak to the warmth of the ski chalet – you won’t want to hit the slopes without them.

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