How to Keep Your Glasses From Falling Off When Playing Sports

How-to-prevent-glasses-from-slipping -off-during-sports

No matter the sports that you enjoy playing, there are certain “must-haves” that make the experience much more enjoyable. One of those “must-haves” is proper eyewear. Whether you are watching a fast pitch approach you during a baseball game or are eyeing the defense before driving to the basketball hoop, it’s critical to have great eyesight. Great eyesight isn’t enough, however. You must also ensure that your eyewear doesn’t fall off of your face when you’re playing sports. It’s the last thing that you want—especially in the game’s final minute. Here, you will find how to keep your glasses from falling off when playing sports.

At RX Safety, we understand the importance of secure eyewear when you are playing sports. Because of this, we are proud to carry plenty of prescription performance glasses. Whether you are a professional athlete or picking up a new sport for the first time, these glasses can help you perform at your best.

Some of Our Prescription Performance Glasses

On our website, you can see that we stock plenty of prescription performance glasses.

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

For instance, there are the Bolle Bolt Sunglasses. These glasses were specifically designed for cyclists and golfers. It includes features like an interchangeable lens, oleophobic treatment, an adjustable nose piece, and more. You can find them in colors like shiny white, matte black, and matte navy.

Challenger XL by Rec Specs

Then, there is the Challenger XL by Rec Specs. These prescription performance glasses have new temple padding for added comfort and protection. They also have a patented eye-rim assembly which includes an impact rated lens retention system. These glasses come in colors like matte black/lime, shiny gunmetal/red, and shiny crimson/white. You can wear these glasses when playing sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Add Your Prescription

Those are just two models that you can find in our store. These models, and all types of other performance glasses in our store, can stay secure to your face as you are playing sports. Moreover, you can add any prescription lenses that you’d like, which can ensure that you are seeing extremely clearly on the field or court.

The Value of Retain Cords

With all of that said, you may want your glasses to be even more durable (especially if you are playing heavy contact sports). In this situation, you may want to invest in a retain cord or strap. A retain cord or strap can add some extra security as you are playing sports and wearing your glasses.

You can see our entire list of retain cords by clicking here. Ultimately, using a retain cord or strap gives you that added protection when you are in the thick of a game or match. Instead of worrying about whether your prescription performance glasses will stay on your face, you can focus on the action in front of you. For instance, if you purchase glasses in the Q series, you can find several high-quality retain cords. They include the F126 strap and the JY7 strap.

No matter which prescription performance glasses or retain cords that you select, we’re confident that we can provide you with the perfect solution. To learn more about our eyewear and retain cords, feel free to go to our website.

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