Corporate Program

10 Steps to a Successful Employee Prescription Safety Glasses Program

Safety is crucial for a productive work environment. If you lead or manage personnel in a factory or other type of manual work, you have to make sure that they are safe for both ethical and legal reasons. But what happens if they require employee prescription glasses? The key is to not leave them on […]

Have You Implemented A Employee Prescription Safety Glasses Program?

Hundreds of thousands of employees suffer from eye injuries on a yearly basis at work. Eye injuries can occur from a variety of different causes. The majority of eye injuries that employees have can be prevented by following a few essential steps. If your workplace includes a variety of hazards and risks that can cause […]

Prescription Safety Glasses For Your Workplace Needs

Recently, there was a rule set by OSHA that made it mandatory for employers to report any accident that results in one of their employees losing an eye. Losing an eye? That doesn’t usually happen at work. Actually, thousands of workers become blind in one or both eyes because of eye injuries at work. There […]

Prescription Safety Glasses And Assessing Workplace Safety

In a few weeks, it will be time to pull out all the fall gear. We will be seeing the leaves change, we will be enjoying football, and at some point, we will have to change our clocks. Along with these things, there will be changes in the workplace. With each new season, companies have […]

Prescription Safety Glasses: Meeting The Needs Of Your Employees

One of the best things you can have in your workplace is a full safety eyewear program that will do everything to enforce safety. It does not matter what type of hazards or chemical dangers will be in your employees’ path, everyone will need the right eyewear. As a safety manager, when it comes to […]

Prescription Safety Eyewear Program for Companies

You probably already know that Rx-Safety is your best source for prescription safety glasses. Company Program Available for Prescription Safety Eyewear But you might not know that we also offer a prescription safety glasses program that can be custom tailored for your corporation. This convenient program allows you to offer your employees a one-stop source […]

Prescription Safety Glasses Program for your Business

Did you know that Rx Safety offers a prescription safety glasses program that can be custom tailored for your corporation? Rx Safety Glasses Program for Business This program allows you to offer your employees a convenient, one-stop source of protective prescription safety eyewear at prices that will protect their wallets. It includes corporate account discounts, […]

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