What Color Sunglasses are Best for Golfing?

Best Sunglasses for Golfing Protecting your eyes is a priority when golfing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a competitive advantage when wearing the right pair of sunglasses. Even if you play golf just for fun, having the right colored lens can help you play at your best. Both dark-colored lenses (amber/gray/green/copper/brown/cinnamon) and light-colored […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Drivewear Lenses Aren’t Just for Driving

There are many glare reduction options for eyewear today. These include tints of different colors and shade darknesses. Darker shades cut down more sunlight than lighter shades, while different colors enhance contrast perception in different ways. There are also transition tints that change their darkness levels in response to sunlight brightness. With Transition tints, one […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses vs. Contact Lenses for Golf

Playing any sport requires precise hand eye coordination, especially, with golfing. In the not too distant past (a couple decades ago), golfers, like Tom Kite, wore their prescription glasses on the course without a viable alternative. Today, contact lenses have improved to fit better and feel more comfortable, yet prescription eyewear has also improved greatly. […]

Golf Glasses to Find the Ball Quickly

Looking for a great pair of shades for the fairway? Golf Glasses to Find the Ball Quickly If you’re a golfer, you know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be to mozy around the fairway (or rough) trying to find your ball. Ever wonder if there are golf glasses to find the ball quickly? There […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Golf

Looking for a solid pair of attractive glasses that’ll improve your vision on the fairway? Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Golf Nike prescription sunglasses for golf are a great investment for any golfer looking to improve his or her game. If you’re planning on ordering Nike prescription sunglasses for golf, you’ll need to choose the right lens […]

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