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Product release: Vistanza Brand

Vistanza is dedicated to providing that right balance of quality, affordability, and style. These are for those that are looking for something modern with a high quality of construction occurring behind the scenes. These products were built with the mindset of what the major pain points are when it comes to quality frames.  The first […]

Men’s Glasses That Can Make You Look Younger

In the quest for a timeless, youthful appearance, the right pair of glasses can work wonders. As men age, it’s natural to seek ways to maintain a fresh, vibrant look. Fortunately, with the myriad of frame styles available, achieving a youthful aesthetic is entirely within reach. In this article, we’ll explore three frame types—plastic frames, […]

How to Choose Glasses That Make You Look Younger

As Indiana Jones would say, “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage!”. Glasses might be a sign of weak or aging eyes, but they don’t have to mean that people start asking you if you’re eligible for the senior discount. Glasses can be fun and fashionable at any age and the style that works for […]

How to Choose Eyeglasses That Make You Look Younger

Many people pay attention to the clothes they wear and the accessories to accent them, and it’s only natural to prefer to look younger than our years, if possible. Choosing eyeglasses that make you look younger can accentuate your youthful features, and can even mask less youthful features you don’t want to share, like lines […]

The Best Color Of Eyeglass Frames For Salt And Pepper Hair

As your hair gradually transitions to a distinguished salt-and-pepper hue, you might notice that your current eyeglass frame color loses its appeal. While the frame shape remains constant, silver, clear, and even tortoise frames can dull and age your appearance. Here are the recommended eyeglass frame colors to consider instead for salt and pepper hair. […]

The Perfect Glasses For Men With A Narrow Face

So many of the articles you read about selecting the perfect glasses for men with a narrow face are geared around the shape of your face—square, oval, heart-shaped, or round. But face shape isn’t the only factor you must consider. If you have a narrow face the frames that typically work for your face shape […]

Prescription Hipster Glasses New Styles 2019

Why is it, that the same prescription glasses that look great on your friend don’t look good on you? Have you ever thought about what makes the glasses suit your face? Believe it or not, the face cut, skin tone, and the color of the frame matter more than anything else when picking out the […]

Fall Trends in Sunglasses

Sunglasses can physically last for years, but fashion trends don’t have nearly the same longevity. If you want to be fashion-forward, you therefore need to re-evaluate your choice of sunglasses on a frequent basis. This ensures that your look is never outdated, and as a bonus, gives you a chance to get a nice, fresh, […]

The Top 5 Fashionable Women’s Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are something quickly becoming inescapable in the workplace. If you work anywhere where there are moving parts, flying particles, or even just a variable environment like a construction site, the requisite safety gear is no joke. Just as you wear gloves when dealing with hot or fast-moving things and a hard hat when […]

Rimless Glasses Pros And Cons

Eyeglasses are continuing to gain popularity in the world of fashion, and as a result of the growing popularity, many people are starting to wonder if they need to wear glasses. Many people discover that they need to have some type of support and assistance when it comes to their vision. Some people will prefer […]

The Biggest Prescription Eyeglass Trends Going Into 2018

As we get closer to 2018, it makes sense to start paying attention to the newest trends in prescription eyeglasses. Following these trends will make sure that you look amazing, while still allowing you to see clearly.Always remember: no matter what your personal taste is, you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses to love. That’s especially the […]

The 5 Most Fashionable and Functional Prescription Wiley X Glasses

Whether you need some new protective eye wear for your motorcycle riding adventures, target shooting practice, military work, or just some casual, routine activities, you can find everything you need in a pair of Wiley X glasses. This high end brand produces both prescription and non-prescription eye wear options and plenty of other important, unique […]

Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses For Fall Fashion

Gone are the days of playing outdoors in the 80 degree weather for hours on end, leisure trips to sandy beaches, and Sunday picnics in the park. But just because the summer season is over doesn’t mean there is no use for some high quality shades and other specs. The sun still comes out during […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Protection and Style

If you suffer from impaired vision, you are with the majority of Americans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 285 million people are visually impaired. Common causes of impaired vision include: uncorrected refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism), 43 % unoperated cataract, 33% glaucoma, 2%. If you are like the majority of Americans […]

How Nike Prescription Sunglasses Can Help Keep You Looking Young

Few adults want to look older than their years. Although many young adults are unconcerned about losing their youthful appearance, they too will reach a point in their lives where their attitude changes. How do Nike prescription sunglasses fit into this? In two ways. First, there’s no denying how your choice of attire affects your […]

The Many Uses of Stylish Prescription Safety Glasses

When the word “safety glasses” is mentioned, images of clunky glasses with gigantic side guards often come to mind. This happens for a good reason. Over a decade ago, all safety glasses looked like this. This no-nonsense eyewear works well and is still used today, often by no-nonsense professionals interested in keeping their eyes safe […]

Choosing the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for the Shape of Your Face

Now that you have your prescription and are ready to pick out frames, you can literally spend hours trying on different pairs and still not find the perfect ones for your facial shape. If you are unsure on what will look best, here is useful information on choosing the perfect frames for the shape of […]

Understanding Coatings for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

The world of lenses for eyeglasses and sunglasses is complicated if you do not understand what everything means. From lens types to coatings – there is a lot to know. Here is everything you need to know on understanding coatings for eyeglasses and sunglasses so you are able to choose the right ones for your […]

Eyeglass Wear: A Passion For Fashion

The springtime means we will enjoy more than Spring Break. The springtime brings great weather and new fashion styles. With us enjoying the spring weather and the spring fashion, why not add a pair of trendy sunglasses or eyeglasses to your fashion collection? Why not pull out a pair of colored sunglasses or eyeglasses to […]

Can Prescription Glasses Make You Look Younger?

Is it true that wearing prescription glasses could make someone look younger? Would be interesting to find out if this was true, yet seems very plausible. Indeed, when wearing stylish prescription glasses people do regain youthfulness and better vision, according to what happened with Julie. Julie was a grandmother now, although only in her mid-fifties, […]

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