Prescription Hipster Glasses New Styles 2019

Why is it, that the same prescription glasses that look great on your friend don’t look good on you? Have you ever thought about what makes the glasses suit your face? Believe it or not, the face cut, skin tone, and the color of the frame matter more than anything else when picking out the best prescription hipster glasses for you.

Prescription glass may seem like a huge hindrance, but they don’t have to be a boring hindrance. Long gone is the time when we used to have only one typical style of prescription hipster glasses. Just like sunglasses, brands have taken upon themselves to produce many fashionable styles for prescribed glasses. Here is a detailed account of prescribed glasses according to your face shape.

Choosing Prescription Hipster Glasses according to face shape

It’s important to know your face shape to select the best frame. Take this guide to understand your face better and check out the styles that will suit you to perfection and help you enhance your features even more.

Heart Shaped Face

The structure of a heart-shaped face is wider on the top and thin around the chin. This means that you will have the options to choose such frames that will get more attention to your chin more than your forehead. Frames that have light appearances such as rimless as well as a light-colored frame made out of thin material will work great.

Oblong Shaped Face

The structure of an oblong face is longer than an average face shape with a straight cheek line and a wide overall appearance. You need a frame that will make your face look a bit shorter than it really is. Frames with more depth and embellished designs at the temple would work perfectly for an oblong shaped face.

Round Shaped Face

The structure of a round shaped face is very soft and well, round. The length and width are the same without any sharp edges. This makes a face appear round and chubby. To make your face look a bit more defined and slim, you need frames that are wide and have definite edges to it. Frames such as rectangular ones or ones with clear bridges would suit your round face to perfection.

Triangle Shaped Face

A triangle-shaped is quite peculiar as it has a narrow forehead and a wider chin and cheek area. This calls for a frame that is opposite of a heart-shaped face. Frames that will make your forehead appear bigger and wider. Vibrant colors and pointed edges are all you need to make your forehead appear wider. Go for cat eye frames; they are in fashion at the moment as well.

Diamond Shaped Face

The face is subtracted narrow on the top and bottom side, with a wide cheek area. These broad cheekbones make a face look very high and chiseled. However, it’s a rare shape to come by. You need frames that will highlight the top most area of the face, making your eyes prominent and your string cheekbones a bit softer. Cat eye, oval-shaped, or rimless glasses will work wonders for such a face shape.

Square Shaped Face

The structure of a square-shaped face is very strong and prominent with a broad forehead, strong chin, and well-proportioned face. You need to select frames that will add softness to your face. Round and oval-shaped frames will do the trick. Always go for brighter colors to add freshens to your face.

Oval Shaped Face

The structure if an oval shaped face is said to be the ideal one for glasses. The face is perfectly balanced that makes all kinds of styles and shapes of frame suit the face to perfection. Yet if you want to enhance the look, even more, you should go for a wide frame or walnut-shaped ones that are as balanced as the face itself.

Once you know your face shape and the frames that will suit it to perfection, you will have a great time selecting out glasses. Wearing them would be fun as well, as they will suit your face and enhance its best features.

What are the other things that matter most when choosing the best pair of prescription hipster glasses?

Other than your face shapes the tone of your skin, eye color, and hair color matters as well. These are the things that are also considered important, apart from your face shape. If you want to get all the worth of your investment, then make sure you consider these as well.

The role of skin tone

By skin tone, we don’t mean the actual color of your skin. But the tone, either your skin is warm or cool. You can decide that by checking if your skin has blue or pink undertone (for cool toned skin) or Peach or cream undertone (for warm skin). If your skin has an olive undertone or yellow undertone, then it’s considered as cool toned skin.

The role of eye color

Many a time eye color isn’t a big consideration since eye color can vary even in the same person. For example, blue eyes can appear violent or purple at times; the same is the fact with the brown colored eye; they look completely different in sunlight than artificial light. However, if you know your eye color to perfection, then it can be of consideration.

The Role of Hair Color

Hair color can be categorized in warm or cool tones. For example, platinum, blue-black, strawberry blonde as well as white and auburn hair is considered cool colors. Whereas, colors like brown, brown-black, golden blonde and grey are considered warm tones.

Once you have determined whether you fall in the warm category or the cool category, the next step is to choose the frame color according to that.

For Warm tone, our suggestion would be:

  • Camel colored
  • Khaki colored
  • Gold-toned
  • Copper toned
  • Peach color
  • Orange color
  • Coral colored
  • Off-white color
  • Fire-engine red toned
  • Warm blue toned

Blonde tortoise patterned

For cool tone our suggestion would be:

  • Black color
  • Silver Tone
  • Rose-brown tone
  • Blue-gray shade
  • Plum color
  • Magenta color
  • Pink color
  • Jade color
  • Blue color
  • Demi-amber (darker) tortoise.

Other Important Things To Consider When Picking Out Frames For Yourself

Other than your face and features your lifestyle and personality matters. When choosing the right frame, you should consider these two options as well. Here’s an elaboration as to what should you look for when considering your lifestyle as well as your personality.

Consider your lifestyle

Formal, casual, adventure, or glue to the TV screen, all these lifestyle choices matter when you go out to pick your frame. Suppose you are a book worm, you might need a wide and over-sized frame but one that is light-weighted so that a lot of reading won’t make your head hurt. For people who are born adventurist, you might need something that is durable, sturdy, and bendy, so that it won’t break easily while you are on your adventure. Choose a frame that enhances the functionality or your lifestyle and not hinders it.

Consider Your Personality

Like yourself, every frame that you pick has its own personality. You need to choose the one that matches your personality. Like John Lennon frames are considered hip and perfect for bookworms and nerds, whereas aviators frame have also been connected to people who are cool and chic.  If you have a fun loving and outgoing personality, then you must choose such frames that enhance the playful side of your personality, such as colorful and vibrant frames with fun embellishments.

All in all, to get the best frames, you should consider some key points to get the best out of your investment. Check out our full collection here.

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