The Perfect Glasses For Men With A Narrow Face

So many of the articles you read about selecting the perfect glasses for men with a narrow face are geared around the shape of your face—square, oval, heart-shaped, or round. But face shape isn’t the only factor you must consider. If you have a narrow face the frames that typically work for your face shape won’t always complement your thinner face. Here are the perfect glasses for men with a narrow face.

How Do I Know If I Have A Narrow Face?

Let’s first begin with what it means to have a narrow face, as it might not yet be something you have considered. Your face is considered small, narrow, or petite if it is approximately the same width and height—or if your face is long, but measures between 110 mm and 125 mm then it is considered narrow. For your narrow face, measurements are a must.

As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid all oversized lenses, keep your frame width less than 129 mm, and avoid all chunky frames. Your eyes should always be centered in your frames and the width of your glasses should be close to the width of your face. Not to worry as you still have plenty of frames to choose from, and with your narrow features, you can get away with wearing a few frames that most men can’t pull off.

Full Rectangular Frame

Your no-fail frame option will always be a narrow rectangle. To keep things fun, choose rectangular frames in a variety of materials like wood, plastic, or metal. Rock either wire or more standard frames. We especially like these Nike frames as they are perfect for work or play. Made from plastic they are the ideal glasses to wear when active or working out, but they still look good at the office. Really maximize this pair with transition lenses as they look great as sunglasses too.

Round Will Work For You

The current trend of round glasses will work well for you, and with your narrow features won’t deliver the costume-effect it does on wider faces. That is unless you opt for a frame in a bold pop of color. With other shapes, you can consider more color, but to look professional with a round frame it’s best to stick to neutrals. These round glasses from Carrera have a wireframe and a straight bridge making them the perfect balance of trendy and professional.

Traditional Half Rim Frames

This traditional half-rim frame is rectangular but feels a bit cleaner and sleeker than wearing a full-frame. We particularly like the color options on these Spy Hawke glasses as they provide style without distraction. Made from a lightweight combination of stainless steel and aluminum. This is one of our favorites, but we have many other half-rim options to choose from.

Mini Curve Frames

With narrow features, you are limited to the shapes you can wear but these Geek 106 frames will work for you. They are still rectangular in shape but they taper a bit creating a flattering curve. This frame is diverse and will work well for men of all ages and fashion sense. They are an ideal balance of modern and classic ensuring years of wear.

Shaped Half Rim Frames

You have several options in half-rim frames but we like these Nike frames because they have a fun shape, that you might not be able to wear if they had a full-frame. These are head-turning glasses that either match your personality and style or they don’t—but they are a fun way to mix things up. Even if they aren’t your daily glasses, they may be appropriate for after hour, sports, and athletic events.

Oval Frames

Oval frames aren’t for every man but are perfect for creative men and men who like to make a statement with their fashion. What we really love about theses Art-Craft Accents 152 oval frames is that they are a budget frame making them ideal for fashionable men who like to rock eyewear trends or have plenty of frames to choose from. Make a bold statement by buying these in burgundy, and yes, these frames are unisex.

Ultra-Thin Wire Frames

If your face is narrow and angular you can balance things out with an ultra-thin wireframe. The thinner the frame, the less apparent you are wearing glasses. RX Safety aims to serve all your eyewear needs, which is why we choose this budget option from Affordable Designs Curtis. With an increased need for blue light glasses, you might be looking to buy a few stylish but inexpensive frames to keep at home and work to reduce your eye strain, or maybe you just want a simple, sleek and cheap frame for your prescription lenses.

Check back soon as RX safety is always adding fun new frames to our inventory!

  1. Rebecca Gardner says:

    Thanks for explaining that oval frames show creativity and can help men make a fashion statement if desired. My younger brother asked for my help shopping for glasses after he gets a prescription for a vision treatment service next week. Since he’s really artistic, I think oval frames might be a good fit for his personality and style!

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