Fashionable Prescription Aviator Sunglasses for Daily Wear


At RX-Safety, we know that one of the most popular styles of sunglasses is the Aviator style. Aviator sunglasses, or “pilot’s glasses”, were originally developed to protect pilot’s eyes while flying, thus the name aviator. This style of sunglasses is credited with being one of the first popular styles of sunglasses to be created. Additionally, Aviator sunglasses were also used in the military. They replaced the outdated flight goggles used previously, as they were lighter, thinner, and more elegantly designed. Aviators have evolved throughout our history into modern times as a staple style of sunglasses. They are a classic shape that endures throughout the decades.

In fact, Aviator sunglasses have an appeal for both men and women. Even children wear aviator style glasses today. The appeal of Aviators is that they work well for leisure or professional day-to-day life. The curved angles of the sunglasses give an effortless look while high-quality frames add a dose of glamour. They have a history as military, industrial, athletic, and more equipment. Therefore, today they are all of those things as well as a fashion statement that many love. In addition to popularity in the 1950s, aviators were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, with colored frames being worn by public figures like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Aviator glasses were a part of the cultural style, mimicking military style. RX-Safety recognizes this iconic style, and is committed to selling the best aviator-style glasses to its customers today! Check out the below aviator style glasses sold at RX-Safety. These glasses are high-quality at an affordable price. As always with RX-Safety, these glasses can have your own personal prescription or lens coatings added to them. Check out the below aviator favorites, and then head to RX-Safety to see the rest of our amazing glasses including prescription aviator glasses!

Carrera 1018/S Sunglasses

If you are looking for aviators with a fashionable twist, The Carrera 1018/S Sunglasses may be the perfect frames for you. Also, they are a full rim frame, Aviator style, wide lens pair of glasses. They give off an oversized look which provides a new take on the classic aviator shape. These Carrera Aviator Sunglasses give a great look for men. The Carrera 1014/S Sunglasses is available in Gold Red with 9O Dark Gray Gradient Lens.

Ray Ban Aviator Chromance Sunglasses

One of the most iconic sunglass models in the world, the Ray Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses now have a new style. The classic Ray Ban sunglasses frames are now available in four new colorful combinations with Chromance lenses. These aviators are made of high-quality metal, making them extremely durable. Additionally, without sacrificing its lightweight comfort, the prescription Ray Ban sunglasses can accommodate a high range of prescriptions. For more options, check out our sunglasses Ray Ban collection. Don’t miss the Aviator Classic options, available in eight different variations.

Bolle Evel Sunglasses

If you’re looking for standard aviator style glasses in fun, preppy colors, the Bolle Evel Sunglasses may be the ones for you! With its classical aviator design, EVEL offers various frame finishes which are paired with Bolle’s best optics to deliver perfect vision. Also, they are lightweight, durable, and offer the classic and well-loved aviator shape.

Buying prescription sunglasses is a big decision. Enjoy the impressive selection of the latest sunglass styles on our site. In fact, we sell a wide range of high-quality brands, from Ray Ban to Gucci. Chat with our representatives online or contact us for more information.

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