How to Choose Eyeglasses That Make You Look Younger

Many people pay attention to the clothes they wear and the accessories to accent them, and it’s only natural to prefer to look younger than our years, if possible. Choosing eyeglasses that make you look younger can accentuate your youthful features, and can even mask less youthful features you don’t want to share, like lines or wrinkles.

With the variety available, you can have fun and keep a pair for every occasion. Luckily, there are a wide variety of eyeglasses to choose from whether you are looking prescription, sun protection or safety glasses. Here are some tips to help you choose glasses that will make you look younger.


Choosing the right frame shape for your face should be one of your first considerations. Don’t fall for what everyone else is wearing, because each of our faces is unique. But one thing for sure, avoid glasses with a downturn, like an aviator style glasses as it might create an illusion of a sagging face.

Some ways to work with your facial shape are to opt for round glasses if you have a more square face or glasses that tilt up at the corner for a longer, for an oblong shaped face. Look for glasses with the arms attached at the top or closer to the top of the frame, like the Affordable Designs Heather, full rim frame for women. These use the round shape, uplift the corners of the eyes and the arms are closer to the top of the frame, helping to maintain an upbeat appearance at any time.

Men like to keep up with styles, too, and today, bold men wear bold glasses. Choose a style that is not too small for your face as that could date you as a sixty’s child, but keep in mind that ultra-large frames can make you look older, too. For men, a size that is just right with a trendy shape is the Eight to Eighty Addison eyeglass frame. These sport a combined cat-eye shape that is rounder to uplift the entire face, and are perfect for work or casual attire.


Bold colors are in, and wearing bold colors is not only fun but will show off your youthful side. Beautiful blue frames can accentuate eyes and make them appear brighter. Women will appreciate frames like the Genius G521 frames for times when you just don’t feel like donning makeup, or to bring out makeup that you are wearing. For the more daring, the Geek Cat 02 Eyeglasses in red will add a stylish flair to accent work clothing or complete the look of a fashionable evening out. Men will like the Nike 7034 eyeglasses that are bold with youthful design and color.

But we all don’t have to wear bold colored glasses to look younger. Always compliment your own taste along with current styles to find the right blend that brings out your features. Heavy, dull colors can appear to pull your face down, and thick black frames don’t work for everyone. If you like darker colors but black just doesn’t suit you, go for deep brown or burgundy. These still make a statement, without aging you. Rimless glasses are trendy, too, and can if the rim is only on top, will draw attention up for a natural facelift, helping you to look younger.

Stay Subtle

Not everyone wants their eyewear to speak for them. Choosing styles that are less noticeable can help you play it cool. These types of frames will keep the focus on your eyes and other features that you want to show off while still keeping you in style. Look for a thinner frame like the Affordable Designs Bruce, which is semi-frameless, and can be downplayed by choosing a color that naturally blends with your face.

Women often prefer glasses with frames that don’t stand out. Eyes are made to sparkle and finding frames that are just right can accentuate your personal sparkle and shine. The Eight to Eighty Wanda frames allow your gorgeous eyes to shine while sporting decorative arms to show off your wild side. The colors of burgundy, black or brown will decide on how much you want to show off your flair for fashion. For those who want to downplay their eyewear, even more, the Affordable Designs Collette is an unassuming design with just the right touch of color. These comfortable frames work for day or evening wear and will help you feel confident that you look as young as you feel.


When we age, our eyesight changes. Sometimes, we must opt to wear bifocals, in which the lens is divided in two. The top half allows us to see farther, but the bottom half helps us read. In this case, be sure to keep in mind the size of your frame. While most frames can accommodate bifocals, you might prefer a larger range of view, which requires a larger lens and frame. Also, a slightly larger, tinted lens can shade the skin around your eyes, protecting them from the harsh sun while helping you avoid wrinkles.

On the other hand, if your glasses are simply for reading, you might prefer a smaller frame to allow you to see around the lens when you’re not reading. You don’t have to go John Lennon small to make this happen, just keep these features in mind as you shop. Today, we are fortunate with more choices than our parents ever had. As you shop, consider all styles so you get the right fit for you.


Eyewear can add to our accessories and help us make a statement. But sometimes we wear glasses for more than good vision. They can offer UV protection from the sun or protect us while we work or play. For example, prescription eyeglasses like the Wiley X Omega have a rubber nose piece so they don’t slip while you’re riding your motorcycle, while other glasses can help you see while mountain biking and protect your eyes from flying rocks or other debris.


Today’s eyewear is a lot more fun than in the past. Eyeglasses not only help you see or protect your eyes, but they are an accessory. Having different glasses for each occasion can help you keep a fresh look while looking younger at the same time. So, don’t hold back, treat yourself to styles that work, look younger and have fun being you.

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