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Vistanza is dedicated to providing that right balance of quality, affordability, and style. These are for those that are looking for something modern with a high quality of construction occurring behind the scenes. These products were built with the mindset of what the major pain points are when it comes to quality frames. 

The first is wearing these for long periods of time. All five models that we currently carry are made of the same lightweight yet super strong material that helps to keep these on your face and not breaking anytime soon. In addition, they all come with rubberized temple guards to provide a secure fit without pinching your head’s sides. 

With that, Vistanza is an excellent choice to get in conjunction with our customizable prescription lenses option. You’ll be able to get standard prescriptions, or consider our thinner options, with transition lenses. Whatever combination you want, we most likely have it. 


Our first option is the Model 20J1 Glasses. These are a blend of classic and contemporary and come in two different colors, either Tortoise or Black with Gray undertones. In addition, they come with rectangular-shaped lenses that are ideal for higher prescriptions. 


This option is similar to the 20J1 in that it comes in roughly the same size and also is a rectangular frame option. Yet the Model 2366 comes in a more modern and trendy style. You’ve got the ability to grab yourself a pair of these in either all black or black with the temple bars highlighted in orange. These also have a spring hinge for a better fit. 


The Model ET1205 frames come in a square shape and are perfect for those that are looking for a large to extra-large frame. They also come in a muted black colored frame, with the legs of the frame having a touch of blue in them. These are typically a better option for men, as most square framed shapes are as well. They are designed to be a bit more muted than other types of frames. 


The next option that we have on offer is the Model H30635. This model is all about heading back to the classics. This is an excellent unisex option that is best for a medium-sized head. The shape is a smaller rectangular design, and it comes in two different color options. You can opt-in for a sleek clear frame with these glasses or go for a more classical black frame. 


While the ET1205 model, which is more square-shaped, is a preferred option for men, the TR8879 is geared more towards women. This is due to the more rounded cat’s eye design. The size of these is also on the medium side and comes in two great color options. We currently have them in Crystal Clear or Crystal Blue, depending on if you’re looking for a colored frame or not. The temple bars also feature a unique, stylish design.

All of these high-quality Vistanza frames are available at RX Safety, with different colors and styles. With RX Safety, not only do you get prescription available styles, but you also have access to a wide variety of materials and lens coatings. Make sure to check us out!

Our customer service representatives are available online or by phone and are here to help answer any questions you may have and help you step into the latest, affordable trend–with the eye protection that you need.

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