Non-Prescription Safety Glasses

Discover the Best Coatings for Safety Glasses

Here at RX-Safety, we love offering our customers the ability to customize their glasses. As an online retailer of optical safety, we love being able to offer customers time to make their safety glasses perfect. This is why our team is proud to offer different coatings for the lenses of your prescription safety glasses. In […]

The benefits of Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses Vs Safety Glasses with Side Shields

In the past year and a half, we have become accustomed to the term PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. PPE is equipment that minimizes exposure to hazards. These hazards can cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. In the occupational safety industry, a common type of PPE is safety gear to protect your eyesight. Prescription safety […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for COVID-19 Protection

The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 has marked a historic time where minimizing the spread of the disease has become paramount. Safety precautions, from social distancing to wearing a mask are now daily routines that are going to be ingrained in us for months or maybe even years to come. Gloves, masks, and personal protective […]

Ten Common Activities That Require Safety Glasses

The world is full of risks to your eyes. Most people go through life without considering the number of flying particles, substances, and random projectiles that could put their eyes in danger. Unless, of course, you work in a profession that requires eye protection to avoid very real on the job injuries. Once you realize […]

Workplace Safety: A Look at Risks and Tips

For those working in dangerous industries, safety is probably one of your valid concerns. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the total number of workers who incurred nonfatal injuries and illnesses at work was close to three million in 2015. Injuries range from minor to more serious. The fatality rate from job-related causes was almost […]

4 Ways to Know You’ve Picked The Best Safety Glasses

If you have never invested in a pair of prescription safety glasses before, it can be hard to find the right pair for you. However, shopping for these specialty glasses doesn’t have to be difficult when you are equipped with the right information. In this post, we will take a look at the top four […]

The Right Choice: Non-Prescription and Prescription Shooting Glasses

Each year in the United States there are an estimated 2 million eye injuries, with 30,000 of them being firearms-related injuries. These injuries can happen to anyone using a gun, from hunters to target shooters to tactical shooters alike. As gun use relies on clear, sharp vision this can be an end to any participation […]

Safety Glasses That Don’t Fog

Safety glasses in the workplace are critical for proper eye protection and it is important that these safety glasses do not fog.  Any amount of fogginess on safety glasses can be distraction and lead to accidents.  Avoid safety hazards by choosing safety glasses that will be clear at all times. What Causes Fog? Fog can […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition Lenses

Looking for a great pair of all-around prescription safety glasses? Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition Lenses Prescription safety glasses with Transition lenses are great if you’re looking to use them for day and night work, indoor and outdoor work, or all of the above. Transition lenses change from clear to gray or brown in direct […]

Why are Prescription Safety Glasses so Important?

The statistics on eye safety – especially as it applies to the workplace – make for a sobering read. What is the Importance of Prescription Safety Glasses? A release from the Center for Disease Control revealed that than 2,000 workers in the United States alone receive some form of medical treatment due to eye injuries […]

Titmus SW 07-WRX Collection Eyeglasses

A quality name in eyewear for well over a century, Titmus is dedicated to the research, development, and production of quality, feature-rich safety glasses. SW 07-WRX Collection Eyeglasses from Titmus The company (which is also known as Uvex, a subset of the larger Honeywell Corporation), prides itself on quality control that goes above and beyond all […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for a Machinist

The primary job of a machinist is to shape or form parts, usually from metal and usually to very tight tolerances. Machinist Prescription Safety Glasses Filing, cutting, grinding, and drilling is done either by hand or via the operation of a power tool, assembly-line post, or computerized work station. The machining of material falls under […]

Titmus/Uvex Prescription Safety Glasses

Rx-Safety has recently become a distributor for Titmus prescription safety glasses, and we couldn’t hope to offer our loyal customers a better product. Titmus safety eyewear lines are produced by Uvex®, the world’s top-selling protective eyewear brand. For decades, Uvex has consistently delivered proven styles that use the most advanced lens coatings and materials to […]

Stop Glasses from Fogging while Hunting

When dealing with nature, unpredictability is the name of the game. Hunters know this especially well. Rain, snow, wind, fog…all can occur at the most unexpected and unwanted times of the day or night. You can’t avoid or predict the weather; the next best thing to do is prepare properly handle it, in all its […]

Safety Glasses to Wear with Ear Defenders

If your job – or your favorite after-hours recreational pastime – involves high decibel exposure, you likely use ear defenders to protect both your ears and your hearing. Wearing Safety Glasses with Ear Defenders These acoustic earmuffs are lined with sound-deadening material to block out loud noises and harmful levels of sound. They’re necessary whenever […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Permanent Side Shields

Prescription safety glasses serve a vital function that is two-fold: they protect your eyes from injury and, at the same time, provide clear vision in the form of prescription lenses. Permanent Side Shields for Prescription Safety Glasses Whether eye safety is a concern at the worksite or while performing tasks around the yard and house, […]

ESS Prescription Safety Glasses for Industrial Use

ESS, or Eye Safety Systems, is a specialty company established in 1998 that produces advanced eye protection systems for the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, and shooting sport markets. Industrial Use ESS Prescription Safety Glasses The only authorized eyewear provider to the United States Marine Corps, ESS is also a leading supplier to all […]

Metal Safety Frames vs Plastic

For the most part, the decision to order safety glasses with either plastic or metal frames is one of choice and personal taste. Plastic Safety Frames vs Metal Each material, however, has certain built-in characteristics you may want to take into consideration. Let’s examine a few of them here. Metal Frames Plastic Frames Metal frames […]

Best OnGuard Prescription Safety Glasses

OnGuard Safety is one of the leading providers of prescription safety eyewear for industrial, sports, and general consumer applications. They offer almost a hundred different frame and style varieties, in nearly every prescription and featuring scores of options. Today we’ll preview Onguard’s best prescription safety glasses. “Best,” of course, is a relative term, and in […]

Trivex Lenses for Safety Glasses

Trivex is a lens material made of a urethane-based pre-polymer. Safety Glasses with Trivex Lenses Because it is lighter than polycarbonate and yet exhibits both exceptional strength and superior optical clarity, it has become a common lens material for use in safety glasses. Trivex was originally intended for use in military eyewear. It was so […]

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