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OnGuard Safety is one of the leading providers of prescription safety eyewear for industrial, sports, and general consumer applications. They offer almost a hundred different frame and style varieties, in nearly every prescription and featuring scores of options.

Today we’ll preview Onguard’s best prescription safety glasses. “Best,” of course, is a relative term, and in the case of safety glasses, performance certainly depends heavily on specific application. The goal is to use the best possible pair of safety glasses for any particular task or set of tasks; in keeping with this goal, we’ll examine the various Onguard model lines, their niche features, and then highlight some the frames available within them.

The Basic Collection provides popular styles for the cost-conscious consumer or employer. It offers comprehensive size ranges for a wide variety of fit requirements, and frames in both plastic and metal. Models include the 160S, 015, and the 095.

The Specialty Collection features the OG220S Series, Onguard’s most versatile and best-selling frame. Specialty frames are designed to cover needs in environments ranging from everyday wear to extreme working conditions. Models include the Nylon, Non-Conductive 220S and 220FS. As well as the 225S and 078.

The Value Collection features Onguard’s broadest size range. The collection includes a wide selection of metal frames for men in both the classic double-bar look and the more contemporary single-bar. Models include the SG302, 086, and 102.

The Deluxe Collection features classic and contemporary shapes for both men and women. Three Monel T-Guard designs for men have slim profiles and added strength, while three classic hand-made acetates feature spring hinges for both men and women. Models include the SG110, SG122, and SG108.

The Premium Collection consists of nine new styles added for 2014: three new handmade acetates for both men and women, and three new women’s Metal/Zyl combinations for fashion-conscious wearers. Models include the 125, 144, and 401.

The Titanium Collection features superior strength, slim profile, lightweight and comfortable frames. Hypoallergenic material increases wearer compatibility, and spring hinges/flex temples allow for long-lasting adjustment and wear. Models include the 100% Titanium SG401T, 110, and 709FT.

Any of these and the other OnGuard safety frames can be customized to any prescription, any vision type, any job requirement, and any personality. Visit Rx-Safety to browse the dozens of styles available to you.


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