Prescription Safety Glasses for Medical Professionals

If you’re a medical professional, recent events have made protective gear even more vital than on a day-to-day basis. Those who are working to protect the public from spreading illnesses are the first line of defense for those who are at risk. But they are also the most likely to be exposed to the illness and in turn, spread it wherever they go. Protective masks, gloves, and prescription safety glasses are the best way for medical professionals to keep themselves safe from the germs their patients carry as they continue to work and provide the public with desperately needed medical care.

Why Should Medical Professionals Wear Safety Masks?

Medical professionals should wear face and eye protection to protect the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth during procedures that might cause them to be exposed to splashes of blood or bodily fluids. They should also be worn if there’s a possibility of being exposed to infection. 

Especially in situations where they might be exposed to chemicals or bodily fluids, it’s critical that healthcare professionals protect areas where they might be exposed. Chemicals can cause burns or irritation and bodily fluids can carry blood-borne diseases. Beyond that, covering up as much of their faces as possible means that they are protected as possible from illness. Healthcare professionals don’t have the luxury of avoiding exposure to illnesses and viruses the way the general public does. We rely on them to continue to care for us even in times where illness is spreading. 

At RX-Safety, our team believes that doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals deserve to have high-quality protective gear that keeps them as safe as possible during their work. Often, disposable masks and protective gear can be flimsy or uncomfortable. It’s important that healthcare professionals can be comfortable as they work long hours and help as many patients as possible. 

If you’re looking for a pair of reliable and high-quality prescription safety glasses to protect yourself in the operating room, here are a few options that might give medical professionals exactly what they need. 

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-T9603

These safety glasses are an effective option that is designed for maximum comfort. They have detachable foam gaskets which add flexibility to the model, and an adjustable nose bridge so any facial shape will have exactly the fit it needs to be comfortable. It makes it easy for medical professionals to wear these prescription safety glasses during long shifts. They’re also black so they resemble regular glasses, and the lenses are 55mm, so they’re broad enough to protect your eyes but not so broad that they’re annoying to wear. 

OnGuard 220FS Prescription Safety Glasses

These safety glasses resemble goggles more than anything else. They have a full seal, which means that your eyes will be protected from not only projectiles but also vapor and chemicals in the air. These are wider glasses that will maximize the amount of your face that is protected from external factors. In addition, these glasses are ANSI Z87 Safety Approved, which means they’ve been tested as effective protection for projectiles, in case of unexpected situations. 

ArmouRx 6006 Plastic Safety Frame

These safety glasses are in a wraparound style that provides side shield protection. They physically blog projectiles and offer protection from any bodily fluids. The nose bridge is wider by 2mm, which makes this option a better fit for people who find that the bridge of glasses is often too small. They’re made of a lightweight plastic material that stays comfortable throughout long shifts or hours in the operating room. They are also ANSI Z87 rated, which means they uphold high safety standards and protect the wearer from projectiles of a variety of sizes. The side panels ensure that your eyes will be protected from all angles without having to worry about wearing goggles either. They work for heart, oval, round, or square facial shapes. 

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-F126

These glasses have a broader than usual bridge for comfort and are made out of TR-90 nylon. This makes them flexible enough to be comfortable, but durable enough to weather any situation. They’re a wraparound style and feature removable side shields, which means that if you are looking for something versatile, you can wear the glasses with the side shields to protect your eyes while working and then simply remove the side shields and wear them as your regular glasses. The temple bars are rubber coated as well, so they’ll stay in place. 

ArmouRx 6008FS Plastic Safety Frame

This model is a lightweight, plastic option with removable side frames that work for both men and women. They’re basic but comfortable, and they are also ANSI Z87 rated. They’re a great option for people looking for something that will protect their eyes effectively but still be affordable and simple. They’re also non-conductive which means they won’t conduct heat that can make them uncomfortable to wear. They work best for oval, round, and square faces, and come with foam eyecups for comfort and protection. They also come in multiple sizes depending on what facial shape or size you might have. 

Healthcare professionals are constantly being asked to go above and beyond for their patients. They are exposed to illness and chemicals every day that they work, and they do so for the sake of helping people. When it comes to their safety, there should be no question that they are receiving the highest quality protective gear that will allow them to continue to work without sacrificing an unnecessary amount of their safety. 

RX-Safety, we are committed to offering high-quality prescription safety glasses that serve the needs of healthcare professionals in the workplace. If you’re looking for safety glasses that will keep you protected throughout long hours in the operating room, look no further. If you have any questions about which glasses model will best meet your needs, contact us here! Our experts will be happy to help.

  1. Ed says:

    Are they comfortable on the ears under a helmet, such as a gentex helicopter helmet?

    • rxsafety says:

      It would be best to purchase the frames first and try them on with the helmet to be sure they fit properly and were comfortable.

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