Safety Glasses That Look Like Prescription Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are a very common accessory for employees working in certain industries, and the product offerings have expanded and evolved accordingly as consumers have expressed an interest in more style variety. But just because you need to wear safety glasses in your workplace doesn’t mean that you are resigned to wearing goggles or massive frames for the remainder of your working days. Fortunately, companies who create safety glasses understand that the more conventional glasses can be uncomfortable or annoying to wear. So they’ve adjusted their approach. These days, you can find tons of safety glasses that look similar to your prescription glasses but still offer the enhanced protection you need to be safe in your workplace. Regardless of your personal style preferences, chances are excellent that you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses that will work for you.

Beyond offering products that will look great, most companies are prioritizing meeting safety standards to ensure that their products will effectively protect their customers. When you’re looking for a pair of safety glasses, you should always look for the ANSI Z87 stamp of approval, which ensures that the glasses have been tested and withstood impact tests.

That way, you’ll know you’re protected from the workplace and outdoor hazards you’re trying to avoid. Fortunately, this standard doesn’t narrow your options at all. There are plenty of options out there that meet these safety standards but will still look great on you.

If you’re wondering where you can find the latest offerings for safety glasses, look no further than this article! We’ve included all of the information that you need about your options below.

Plastic Safety Glasses

Plastic safety glasses are functional and durable. They are a perfect option for people who are looking for comfortable glasses that will also make them feel safe around potentially hazardous materials. A few of our most popular plastic safety glasses include the following models:

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011

This model is perfect for the aspiring hipster. The frames are the latest in glasses fashion, but they are made from high-quality TR-90 Nylon that will last for years and include side shields for protection from projectiles. The plastic frames come with an adjustable nose piece for your personal comfort and to top it all off, they are ANSI Z87 approved.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-X26

These black frames are more rounded and will flatter square faces and the sleek look will be very versatile as a style. The side shields are removable which means you can wear these safety glasses as regular frames if you choose, and they are made from high-quality plastic to ensure durability. They’re also ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved, so they will certainly keep you safe in the workplace.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-80

These acrylic frames incorporate the classic tortoiseshell style that’s flattering on all faces. The removable side shields make these glasses versatile, and they’re lightweight enough to be comfortable all day long. They’re ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved as well, making them a great option for anyone who needs safety glasses in the workplace.

Metal Safety Glasses

If metal rims are more your speed, there are plenty of options out there for you. This sleek and classic look will give you the aesthetic you want while simultaneously providing the protection you need.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-850

These square metal frames are a classic option for almost anyone. They are made from flex nickel and nylon, which keep them lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The spring hinges, mono-block, and removable side shields mean they’ll resist day-to-day wear and tear, and keep you safe around whatever hazardous materials you might be working with. They’re also ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-116

This metal wraparound style is perfect for people looking for a simple but versatile pair of glasses that offer the ANSI Z87 protection they need in the workplace. This model features an incredibly lightweight design and maximum visibility with its wraparound style. These are a comfortable option for people with medium to large faces.

Wolverine W044 Prescription Safety Glasses

These durable metal frames are designed for the long haul with spring hinges and side shields that offer maximum protection and versatility. They come in multiple colors and sizes depending on your needs and also have the ANSI Z87 stamp of approval ensuring that they’ll meet the requirements for workplace safety glasses.

Rimless Safety Glasses

Rimless safety glasses offer maximum visibility for your work environment while still providing the protection you need to be safe. They’re perfect for a variety of applications, whether you’re working indoors at a new job or just looking for some extra safety while you do yard work. These frames are the ideal combination of functionality, durability, and style that allows you to wear them for whatever activity you might be doing.

OnGuard 125 Prescription Safety Glasses

These frames are meant to look sporty but last for years! With a spring hinge and removable side shields, you can customize these glasses depending on what you’re wearing them for and see what your personal style is. They also come in multiple colors and sizes, so you’ll be able to find a pair that fits perfectly for you. Plus, it meets the ANSI Z87 requirements.

OnGuard 138 Prescription Safety Glasses

These glasses are ANSI Z87 approved as well, and come in multiple colors and sizes. They’re a very sleek look and the side shields are included but removable, so you could wear these as normal glasses and use the side shields only when the occasion calls for it. They’re a great option for people looking for a really slick look.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-180

These are a contemporary look but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice your safety for the sake of style! They come with PermaShield side shields designed to protect your eyes from all angles and they are made with 100% pure titanium, so you know they’ll last forever. These are a great option for people with a Nickel allergy or anyone looking for a really cool pair of glasses. And, naturally, they meet the ANSI Z87 standards, so you know your eyes will be protected.

Brand Name Prescription Safety Glasses

There is a reason that brand names are brand names. People tend to have a lot of trust and loyalty for brands they’re familiar with, and for safety glasses, that trust is even more important. Finding a pair of high-quality safety glasses isn’t just about meeting your employer’s requirements. It’s about protecting yourself from potential hazards. For many people, they feel more comfortable purchasing this important piece of equipment from a brand that they trust. Accordingly, there are several brands that have stepped up to the plate and created lines of safety glasses that meet ANSI Z87 standards while also giving their customers options for style, color, and comfort. We’ve included a few brands with the highest-rated safety glasses options below!

Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses

Oakley is a powerhouse in the glasses industry and with good reason! They are known for creating some of the best industrial safety glasses on the market and their certified industrial-grade safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from dust, impact, and other workplace hazards. They’re perfect for wearing during yard work or hobbies that necessitate eye protection as well! A few of their more popular models include the following:

Oakley Standard Issue Det Cord™ Industrial – ANSI Z87.1 Stamped

As the name mentions, these glasses are ANSI approved, but beyond that, they’re a great option for safety glasses. This model combines ballistic and optical standards and comes with anti-fog coating and a rubber nosepiece that will keep your glasses in place no matter what you’re doing. They’re designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and they even have comms compatible ear stems. 

Oakley Drop Point Sunglasses

These sunglasses offer UVA and UVB protection as well as meeting the ANSI Z87.1 standards for High Velocity and High Mass Impact Resistance. They’re highly protective and designed to be very comfortable for all-day wear. The nose pads are designed to increase their grip if you happen to be sweating, so you know they’ll stay put during any activity, and they come in multiple fits depending on your face. There are multiple lenses available depending on whether you want additional color contrast or clarity, and also the option for glare reduction.

Oakley Industrial M Frame Sunglasses

These safety glasses represent a more conventional idea of safety glasses, but they offer a huge number of benefits through their design. They are specially designed to withstand wet conditions and they meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards for High Velocity and High Mass Impact Resistance. They’re ultra-lightweight for comfort and coated to avoid fogging up during wear. The lenses are crafted to prioritize clarity and prevent the nosepiece from obscuring your vision.

Wiley X Prescription Safety Glasses

Wiley X is another brand known for its high-quality eyewear and durable products. Their options tend to be sporty but functional, perfect for the avid outdoorsman or occupational protection depending on what you’re looking for. A few of their most popular models are detailed below.

Wiley X Peak

This classic wraparound sunglasses option is designed for all-day wear and protection. They feature a rubberized fit for comfort and a lightweight design that ensures you can wear them all day without them hurting your face. They have shatterproof lenses that are certified to the ANSI Z87.1 high impact and optical performance standard, and they are also rated as OSHA grade occupational protective eyewear. 

Wiley X Hayden

These safety glasses are a classic style that could be mistaken for a pair of high-fashion glasses. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye! The lenses are made with Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate which meets not only ANSI Z87.1 high impact and optical performance standards, but it also meets the US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) Standards. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and have distortion-free clarity, so you never have to worry about your vision being compromised. They are coated to resist scratches and they are easy to customize to your unique prescription.

Wiley X Ace-

This model is perfect for people who want to spend all of their time outdoors! It’s designed with durability in mind and will be comfortable all day long, no matter what you’re doing. The shatterproof lenses mean you never have to worry about breakage, and they meet the ANSI Z87.1 high impact and optical performance standard, so the protection they market is tested and certified as effective.  They are also rated as OSHA grade occupational protective eyewear, so they are a good option for work as well.

Regardless of what you might do for work or play, safety glasses are a great piece of equipment to add to your routine. Beyond protecting your eyes in the workplace as the law requires, you don’t want to be in a situation where a hobby turns dangerous without protecting yourself. Prescription safety glasses come in so many different styles and colors that there are no excuses for not wearing proper protection. Every style in the article above has been tested to the ANSI Z87 standard, which means these products have been tested to ensure that they will provide effective protection against workplace and outdoor hazards. 

Whatever your personal style or protective wear needs might be, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Don’t risk your eye health because you think that the only options for prescription safety glasses are big, bulky, or uncomfortable. The overwhelming trend in prescription safety-wear is keeping everything lightweight, comfortable, and maximizing your frame of vision so you don’t miss anything. 

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses that look like prescription glasses, you can contact us here! Our team of experts would be more than happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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