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In the world of eyewear, function and style go hand in hand. At Rx-Safety.com, we recognize that eyeglasses aren’t just tools for clear vision; they’re also an expression of your unique style. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our extraordinary mirror coatings. Whether you need prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, tactical eyewear, shooting glasses, […]

5 Advantages of Adding Mirror Coating to Your Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are as stylish as they are functional. Depending on the option you choose, you can wear them almost anywhere to add to your style while also protecting your eyes from the sun. But when you need to wear prescription sunglasses, you might not think that you can take care of many of the same […]

The Wiley-X SG-1 with Removable Lens System is the Last Pair of Glasses You’ll Ever Need

In the world of people who still wear prescription lenses, an industrial work place and/or active life can cause you to be constantly switching glasses. Many of us end up with three to five pairs, each with their own application, because having the right prescription and eye protection for each task is incredibly important. The […]

The Technology Behind Four of the Best Brands for UV Protection Sunglasses

Protecting our eyes from the sun is just as important as applying the proper sunscreen to our skin while outdoors to prevent immediate effects of sunburn and also restrain the cumulative damage the sun can cause to our skin and eyes such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Thank goodness today’s manufacturers are combining fashionable style […]

What Color Lenses Should You Get in Your Sunglasses?

Many people these days wear sunglasses.  How important is it to do so?  Pretty important indeed.  There are many health risks associated with sun exposure, and several are eye related.  Summer or winter, exposure to the sun’s UV rays increases health risks.  Some of the increased risks are for macular degeneration, conjunctival cancer, intraocular melanoma, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Mirror Coating On Sunglasses?

Have you ever been interested in mirror sunglasses? Have you always wanted to know what they were and what were the benefits of mirror coating on sunglasses? Mirror coating on sunglasses makes the lenses look like little mirrors. The mirror coating on the sunglasses will decrease how much light will be able to pass through […]

What Are The Best Sunglass Lens Colors For Driving?

Many drivers do not realize this, but there are certain types of sunglasses that are not suitable for driving. There are some sunglasses that will not let enough light come into the eyes. If there is not enough light coming in, your driving ability can be significantly impaired because you are not able to see […]

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses with Flash Mirror Coatings are Sexy

By now you’ve probably realized that sunglasses aren’t just for protecting your eyes. A lot of times sunglasses make a statement. Just ask Bono, who you’ll be hard pressed to ever see without his sunglasses. Times change and styles change and the only thing sexier than polarized lenses filling your frames is adding a flash mirror […]

Protect Your Eyes: What Lens Color Is Best For Sunglasses

Our bodies are constantly in motion. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly blinking, squinting and making every other eye movement in between. As active human beings we subject ourselves to harsh sunlight on a daily basis. We may not realize the permanent damage we are doing to our eyes. What is the […]

What is the best sunglass lens color for blue eyes?

Sometimes trying to find the best sunglass lens color for blue eyes can make you feel lost at sea. Let us throw you a lifeline, as we guide you to just the right one for you. Since people who have light – colored eyes are more photosensitive than those with darker eyes, darker lenses are […]

The Benefits of Mirror Coating on Sunglasses

Sunglasses can come with many different coatings these days and one of the most important types is mirror coating. Mirror coating on sunglasses can provide you with many benefits that might surprise you. What Are Mirror-Coated Glasses? Mirror coating on sunglasses simply means that the sunglasses have lenses that reflect light away from your eyes […]

What is the best mirror coating to put on my sunglasses

Having a mirror coating is a fashionable feature to add to your sunglasses lens.  A benefit of having a mirror coating is that it helps reflect the glare of the sun and protects the eyes from the suns harmful UV rays.  The mirror coating only work on standard sunglasses such as: gray, brown, and G-15 […]

Polarized sunglasses for everyday use

When you think polarized sunglasses you normally think of sunglasses that would be used for boating or fishing or water activities, but in fact using polarized lenses can be ideal for everyday use.  Polarized sunglasses offer a crisp view while eliminating glare from the sun. Even though polarized lenses can improve visibility and reduce glare, […]

Prescription Glasses That Look Like Sunglasses

If you’re interested in obtaining prescription glasses that look more like sunglasses, fear not; “converting” your everyday glasses to a sunglass style is very easy. A “Sunglasses Look” With Prescription Glasses There are two aspects to consider when mimicking the appearance of sunglasses, and they are simply the two components that make up any pair […]

Wiley X Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

So many lenses, so many choices. Photochromics that automatically darken when exposed to the sun. Polarized lenses. Clear safety lenses. Mirrored lenses. Various shades and color tints. Why choose when you can have them all in one stylish frame? Wiley X, a leader in safety eyewear, produces sunglasses with removable lenses. Available in many sleek […]

Wiley X Jake Prescription Safety Glasses

Wiley X, a standard bearer in the prescription safety eyewear field, has long offered frames that offer the perfect combination of form and function. Today we’ll take a look at some examples of a Wiley X subseries that takes style and protection to a whole new level: the Jake series. Jake frames come in several […]

What Lens Color is Best for Overcast Days?

You would think that one of the few positives of a cloudy, overcast day is that there’s no need to wear sunglasses. After all, there’s no visible sun, no direct sunlight in your eyes, no glare. Unfortunately, as we all know, this isn’t true. We can feel the effects of the sun even when we […]

Tinted Prescription Safety Glasses

If you wear or have a need for safety glasses, you’ve come to the right place. Prescription Safety Glasses With Sunglass Tints At Rx Safety, you can choose from a variety of models available from several different brand names. If you wear corrective eyewear and need a pair of safety glasses cut with the same […]

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