Polarized sunglasses for everyday use

When you think polarized sunglasses you normally think of sunglasses that would be used for boating or fishing or water activities, but in fact using polarized lenses can be ideal for everyday use.  Polarized sunglasses offer a crisp view while eliminating glare from the sun.

Even though polarized lenses can improve visibility and reduce glare, they can also reduce visibility on LED’s, LCD’s, and some digital screens such as cell phones and GPS devices.

For women, check out our Ray Ban Jackie Ohh Sunglasses, Black Frame with Polarized Gray Green Lens.  This frame is distinct, flattering, and feminine and looks great on all face shapes.

For men, look at our Smith Optics Outlier Sunglasses, Black Frame with Polarized Gray Green Lens.  This frame is very stylish and offers a simple form with sensibly considered technical elements.

Both of these frames are perfect for everyday use and the Polarized Gray Green Lens make these ideal for bright sunny days.  So what type of lenses are in my sunglasses…polarized, of course.  I personally like the way I can see better with polarized lenses and since I spend a lot of time outdoors around water, I like how they reduce the glare.

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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