Tinted Prescription Safety Glasses

If you wear or have a need for safety glasses, you’ve come to the right place.

Prescription Safety Glasses With Sunglass Tints

At Rx Safety, you can choose from a variety of models available from several different brand names. If you wear corrective eyewear and need a pair of safety glasses cut with the same prescription, you’ve also come to the right place; our in-house optical lab can quickly turn out just about any prescription lens combination to fit the many frames we sell.

But what if you want your prescription safety glasses tinted with one of several different color options? Guess what… you’ve come to the right place. Most of the prescription lenses ordered through Rx Safety can also be treated with a tinted coating or formed with a tinted layer, in all the popular colors. That includes Transitions® Gray and Transitions® Brown, lenses which automatically darken in the presence of UV light (sunlight) and clear again when that light is removed, such as at night or indoors. DriveWear® lenses, which transition even inside a vehicle (a feat regular Transition® lenses cannot accomplish, due to the UV protection of a windshield) are also available.

Most of our prescription safety lenses are available with the following optional tints:

  • Clear
  • Transitions® Gray
  • Transitions® Brown
  • Polarized Gray 3
  • Polarized Brown
  • DriveWear®
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Tan C
  • Green C/G-15
  • Yellow

It’s a proven fact that certain color tints adjust for or cancel out other types of light. That’s why you see so many different colors available for sunglasses. They all provide general sun ray protection but are uniquely colored to provide specific light blockage.

Gray, for example, in light, dark, or polarized form, is commonly used because it covers such a wide spectrum of activities. It blocks harsh sunlight and glare very well but, unless a very dark version is selected, does not hamper vision. Gray will display colors in fairly true form, will not alter their value much at all, and is best for brightly sunlit conditions.

Brown is another popular choice for all-around vision and glare reduction. Brown improves contrast and enhances depth perception. It’s especially good at limiting diffused light, so it’s best used in moderate light conditions, such as weather that is alternately sunny and cloudy.

For low-light conditions, such as cloudy or overcast days, yellow is the ideal tint. Yellow improves contrast, making it a great choice for hunting, target shooting, golf, and court-related sports like handball, racquetball, and tennis. With yellow it’s easier to differentiate the ball or target from the background. And it will make optimum use of the available light while still protecting the eyes.

Just because safety glasses serve a specialized purpose does not mean you cannot order them with all the vision options you’ve come to expect from your regular prescription eyeglasses. Shop for your favorite pair today to see the available tints listed for our frames and their respective prices. With Rx-Safety, we offer a world of options.

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