Prescription Glasses That Look Like Sunglasses

If you’re interested in obtaining prescription glasses that look more like sunglasses, fear not; “converting” your everyday glasses to a sunglass style is very easy.

A “Sunglasses Look” With Prescription Glasses

There are two aspects to consider when mimicking the appearance of sunglasses, and they are simply the two components that make up any pair of eyeglasses: frames and lenses. Of the two, frames are the aspect that is, in the modern era, more closely associated with sunglasses. Since the advent of transition lenses, many prescription eyeglasses darken to block the sun, so shaded lenses are no longer the providence of sunglasses alone.

If you’d like to select frames that more closely fit the look commonly used for sunglasses, you have several options. Many frame styles are used for sunglasses, but frame material – in this case, plastic – is often a common denominator that identifies everyday sunglasses. Certain aviator styles, like the “police” or “motorcycle” look, do use wire metal frames, but for the most part, plastic is more universally used for sunglass lenses because of the thicker format, color choices, and lighter weight.

Here are some frame styles that are often associated with sunglasses and can easily be mounted with prescription lenses for everyday use. They’re all available in multiple subcategories and permutations that feature subtle changes, so it’s not hard to “customize” a frame style to your liking. Most are available in either men’s or women’s versions.


Fairly boxy in shape but feature rounded edges, which makes them a solid selection for a good, classic sunglass look. They work with several types of face shapes and their lenses typically cover the majority of the orbital bone region, which is why they’re used to protect the eyes from sunlight.


Probably the most common frame style used for sunglasses, especially the larger varieties, the ones with extra large lenses that extend down over the cheekbones. Again, this style developed as a natural sunglass choice because of the eye coverage of the lens.

Cat Eye

A retro style reminiscent of the Fifties and early Sixties.

Square Temple, Oversized

A retro style reminiscent of the Eighties.


A retro style reminiscent of the Eighties and early Nineties.

While sunglasses are no longer identified by lenses alone, darker lenses do, of course, help to accentuate the feel of sunglasses. Many tint coatings are available to help if you want permanent lens color, but if you intend to use everyday prescription glasses that simply mimic the look of sunglasses, you have two options. You can select a frame that features interchangeable lenses, so you can swap out clear prescription lenses with various shaded ones whenever you’d like. The alternative is to order your prescription lenses as transitions, which will remain clear indoors and at night but automatically darken when exposed to the UV light of the sun.

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    I’m looking for Prescription Glasses that look like stylish Sunglasses

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      Sure, we have a wide variety to choose from on our website We offer Wiley X, Oakley, Bobster and much more!

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    I;m looking for stylish ladies eyeglasses that look like sun glasses.

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