Protect Your Eyes: What Lens Color Is Best For Sunglasses

Our bodies are constantly in motion. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly blinking, squinting and making every other eye movement in between.

As active human beings we subject ourselves to harsh sunlight on a daily basis. We may not realize the permanent damage we are doing to our eyes.

What is the best defense against burning our retinas? The simple solution is eye protection through sunglasses.

Picking out your sunglasses isn’t as simple as plucking a pair off the store rack. A common misconception is that the darker the lens the better. Certainly not true. Some lenses could impair your vision by not allowing the correct amount of UV light to bleed through thus distorting your depth perception. In turn that could create some seriously dicey events especially while driving in difficult conditions.

Taking into account your profession and everyday routine is key to finding the best and most practical pair of lenses.

Lets get down to it, what lens color is best for sunglasses. There are a multitude of lens colors that complete the spectrum of the rainbow. But the most common, and certainly from a point of view of functionality, the four common colors of lenses best suited to everyday activities are gray, brown/tan,green and gray G-15 Ray Bans.

If your like the majority of the population and sunglasses lens color isn’t exactly your expertise let us shed some light  and break down each colors individual pros and cons.


Minimizes glare

Won’t dilute the perception of colors

Greatly reduces eye fatigue

Works well for driving in unfavorable weather such as fog, rain and sleet. Also works well for everyday outdoor activities due to the lens color not distorting the colors in bright or moderate light


Minimizes glare while brightening shadows of objects

Provides even color perception

Excellent for low light conditions

Works well for driving and outdoor activities such as baseball or golf


Extremely useful to enhance contrast of grass and blue skies

Improves depth perception due to the “red element” in the color of the lens

This color can cause minor distortion so it’s not the most ideal color for driving

Works well for snow conditions and outdoor activities due to it being able to block out extensive amounts of blue light

Green G-15 Ray Ban

Causes colors and brightness to be softer

Has unequivocal color distinction when you need high contrast lenses

The G-15 Ray Ban lenses are the preceding lenses of the B-15 lenses which were created for the US Air Force. Though the G-15 lenses do not cut out as much blue light. The origins prove the performance that you can get from these high quality lenses.

We hope we have been helpful in leading you to the best sunglasses lens color possible for your lifestyle. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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