Polarized Prescription Sunglasses with Flash Mirror Coatings are Sexy

By now you’ve probably realized that sunglasses aren’t just for protecting your eyes. A lot of times sunglasses make a statement. Just ask Bono, who you’ll be hard pressed to ever see without his sunglasses. Times change and styles change and the only thing sexier than polarized lenses filling your frames is adding a flash mirror coating to add that extra bang.

So what is flash mirror coating? It’s a highly reflective coating that adds daring color to your lenses. This doesn’t block out the sun in an extra capacity. It also doesn’t alter your view from the other side. It gives you the option to make a bold proclamation that you want your sunglasses to pop. This makes your sunglasses not just practical, but a fashion statement. Flash mirror coatings also prevent anyone from being able to look you in the eye. Which is incredibly helpful if you’re trying to avoid eye contact during an awkward conversation.

The flash mirror coating is purely cosmetic in function. What it does give you are options. Nobody ever requests boring sunglasses. If you’re going to protect your eyes having polarized prescription sunglasses with flash mirror coatings is the most fashionable way to do it. You’ll leave an impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of themselves in your lenses.

Colors like gold, orange, blue and silver are available to customize your sunglasses. It’s a decision you’re not going to regret. Especially when you get to enjoy showing off your cool new cell phone, in that selfie that you took wearing those hot, new, flash mirrored sunglasses.

Have a favorite flash mirror coating color we didn’t mention? Contact us and share your colors with us!

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