Safety Glasses That Don’t Fog

Safety glasses in the workplace are critical for proper eye protection and it is important that these safety glasses do not fog.  Any amount of fogginess on safety glasses can be distraction and lead to accidents.  Avoid safety hazards by choosing safety glasses that will be clear at all times.

What Causes Fog?

Fog can occur in many different ways.  Here are some of the most common reasons that fog occurs:

The Eyewear is Too Tight:  If our safety glasses are too tight, the resulting low-airflow can create fog and be extremely dangerous.

Humidity:  The amount of water vapor in the air can create fogging. 

Human body heat:  Our bodies give off a lot of body heat, especially if we are exerting ourselves.  Many times, our jobs require us to exert force and contribute to this increase in temperature.

Ambient temperatures:  When the temperature from inside a car is much different than the temperature outside of it, the result is fogged windows.  Ambient temperatures contribute to increased fog and can be a work hazard. 

Problems With Safety Glasses That Fog

Anti-fog safety glasses are necessary for those who work outside or other areas where fogged glasses are a risk.  In fact, a study in the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal found that fogging is the number one vision-related barrier to wearing safety eyewear.  Here are some other problems that fogging safety glasses can cause:

Loss of production:  If we are constantly wiping our lenses to get rid of fog, our production decreases.  Safety glasses that do not fog are necessary for stable productivity in the workplace and completing tasks that require a full range of vision.

Increased risk of injury:  Impaired vision of any kind can increase the risk of injury dramatically.  Investing in a pair of safety glasses that don’t fog such as these Bobster Ambush II safety sunglasses can help prevent any injuries that could potentially be permanent.

Frustration: Handling everyday tasks becomes much more cumbersome and this can have an impact on our willingness to do a job as well.  Having impaired eyesight is tiring and can lead to workers taking off their glasses out of frustration, further increasing their risk of workplace accidents.


Why You Should Consider Safety Glasses That Don’t Fog

Constantly cleaning the lenses of your safety glasses is annoying and not a suitable solution for problems with fog.  Consider purchasing safety glasses that don’t fog so that you can avoid work hazards and save time.  Follow these tips to help ensure that fog is not a problem for your eyewear:

Make sure the strap isn’t too tight:  Allowing airflow to your safety glasses will help decrease the amount of fog.

Invest in a pair of safety glasses that don’t fog:  Purchasing anti-fog safety eyewear such as those from can prevent fog from becoming a problem at the workplace.

Pick frames that allow airflow:  When you purchase safety glasses, pick frames that don’t sit too close to your face but that are still secure on your face.

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