What Transition Lens Will Work in a Car?

Transition lenses. They’re one of the more influential developments to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades.

Best Transition Lenses for Driving

With transition lenses (also known as photochromic lenses, their technical identity), your glasses automatically darken in response to the amount of UV light that’s present, and clear again when that source of UV light is gone. In other words, they’re the ideal combination of prescription glasses and sunglasses – clear at night or when it’s cloudy or shady, dark when outdoors in the sun. With transition lenses, one pair is all it takes to cover all light conditions.

You may be new to transition lenses and are just starting to research them. Or you may already use and enjoy them. Either way, you’ll soon discover (if you haven’t already) one of the primary drawbacks of photochromic lenses: they do not fully darken inside a car. This fault lies not with the lenses but with the car’s windshield; automobile windshields are already designed to block UV light, to protect the car occupant’s eyes as well as the car’s interior. The only UV light present in a car is that which filters in through the side window glass, and usually it’s not enough to trigger photochromic lenses.

This can be problematic for many, as daytime driving is one those activities where sunglasses are most useful. Options, such as sunglasses that fit over or clip on to your prescription glasses, are available, but people often ask if there are any kind of photochromic lenses that do darken inside of a car.

The answer is yes, and they’re called DriveWear lenses. DriveWear was developed by the Transitions corporation, the creators of transition lenses, in response for this particular need. DriveWear lenses feature photochromic molecules capable of reacting to both visible and UV light, as opposed to standard transitions, which react only to UV light. Because of they also detect the visible light spectrum, DriveWear lenses can sense and adjust to light conditions both inside and outside of the car. This makes them the ideal lenses for driving – all kinds of driving, from the full glare of midday to the middle of the night, and all light levels in between.

Visit Rx-Safety to explore your DriveWear lens options. DriveWear lenses are available for many of the frame styles we carry, and in all the prescription strengths that all standard or transition lenses come in. They’re also compatible with most of the optional coatings that are available. If you see the DriveWear option listed under your favorite frame style, it’s available…and waiting to protect your eyes, ease your commute, and always provide the perfect tint to see clearly and safely when you’re on the road.

  1. Richard says:

    Outside the car, are Drivewear lenses effectively the same as regular transition lenses?

    • Ryan Phillips says:

      No the drivewear get polarized while the signature transition lenses do no.

  2. michel says:

    I just started to wear transition lenses so for I enjoy them glad I get in to them when I did. They do what they say they do it took me 35 year to get into them so for so good

  3. David Pyke says:

    You say that Transitions DriveWare lenses can be worn for driving both day and night but I have just read on Transitions website that they should not be be used for driving at night. Can you please clarify this point. If they can not is there one that can?. What about Zeiss Drive Safe?

    • jsiddiqui says:

      Hi there, we are sorry about that error. Drivewear is not safe to use for night driving. The lenses will never go fully clear. There will always be an amberish rust tint to the lens even when indoors or at night time. I am not sure about Zeiss Drive Safe, but on their website it states that they can be used at night.

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