How to Clean Your Wiley X Sunglasses

One of the front-running brands in the online safety sunglasses segment is Wiley X. At RX-Safety, our customers are constantly on the go and work in a variety of fast-paced, demanding outdoor segments. Wiley X is one of the most popular manufacturers that we carry, and our customers know how to put these sunglasses through their paces. Therefore, we deal with a lot of customers that work in environments where their safety sunglasses can get dirty. As a worker in any segment, your prescription safety sunglasses may get dirty in a variety of ways. Most glasses wearers know to use microfiber cloth and a gentle glasses cleaning solution. Gentle techniques while cleaning your Wiley X sunglasses are key to extending their life. 

Additionally, there are those that wear prescription safety glasses as a protective part of their work attire. Military and first responders that require quality sunglasses can get their glasses dirty in a variety of ways that need extra cleaning. Whether it is chemicals, dust and debris, or hazardous medical material, you can learn how to safely clean your glasses. In this post, we discuss a variety of ways to clean your Wiley X sunglasses that will not cause damage to the frames or lenses.

The first step in prolonging the life of your Wiley X sunglasses is monitoring them for dirtiness and damage. If your glasses lenses are dirty, it can impact your vision.  Dirty glasses affect your vision and can cause accidents to happen. Spot check your lenses every day to ensure they have not become too dirty.

When you are ready to clean your Wiley X sunglasses, use a mild dish detergent with lukewarm water. You do not want to use any harsh cleaning solutions or detergents with alcohol or harsh chemicals in them. A cleaner with alcohol in its composition is no good for the longevity of your safety glasses or sunglasses. In fact, using such harsh solutions can cause harm to the frames, lenses, or coatings. As gentle yet thorough of a cleaning as possible is key to maintaining the integrity of your safety sunglasses. 

One of the most fundamentally important things to keep in mind when cleaning your Wiley X prescription safety sunglasses is the material of the cloth that you clean them with. Do not use a sponge or towel to clean your Wiley X Sunglasses. They can be too abrasive on the lenses. In fact, this is especially true if you have a lens coating such as anti-fog or anti-reflective on your glasses. Scratchy or abrasive towels or sponges can damage or rub away at the lens coatings. Even non coated glasses are at risk from these scratches. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth. These microfiber cloths are made to thoroughly clean the lenses of your glasses without damaging them. RX-Safety also supplies packs of microfiber glasses cleaning cloths for your convenience.

Use low water pressure to ensure that you clean your glasses gently and none abrasively. This also helps to maintain a scratch free lens and protect the coatings on the glasses. Dry off gently with the microfiber cloth. Be sure to entirely dry off the glasses so that they do not sit in the case or pouch while wet. Dampness could promote mold, decay, or deterioration on your glasses, and may breed germs.

Follow these simple steps to care for and maintain the life of your Wiley X sunglasses. Check out’s line of Wiley X sunglasses here

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