The Best Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses of 2022

The-Top-Wiley-X-Prescription- Sunglasses-of-2022

With fall 2021 in full swing, many consumers are already gearing up to prepare themselves for 2022. Workers across all segments are monitoring the optical industry for the latest and greatest styles of safety sunglasses on the market. Along with the start of the new year, WIley X has released its new line of Wiley X Sunglasses, youth force, and Wiley x prescription safety sunglasses. Consumers everywhere are looking to be proactive with material shortages across all industries, and are ready to stock up on the optical protection they need. If you’re on the market to purchase a new pair of highly rated Wiley X Sunglasses or safety glasses, is the place for you.

In fact, stocks all of Wiley X’s frame styles. Wiley X is a company known for its exceptional adherence to industry safety standards and ratings. Therefore, Wiley X frames meet industry certifications such as ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z87+ high velocity impact ratings. Additionally, Wiley X glasses meet MIL PRF-32432 high velocity ballistic rated standards for military segments. In addition to meeting ballistic standards, Wiley X protective eyewear is well known for high quality and superior protection. This, and a history of excellence in equipping customers with high quality glasses makes Wiley X the obvious choice for protecting your eyes in the new year. 

One of the many benefits of purchasing Wiley X prescription frames at RX Safety are the multitude of lens colors and options available. These lenses come in colors such as transition brown, gray, driverwear, yellow, orange, and even pink. These lens colors provide the wearer with UVB protection for outdoor segments. An added benefit for both men and women that purchase Wiley X glasses from RX-Safety is the customizing options RX-Safety provides. Not only can you add your personal eyeglasses prescription, but you can also add a customizable lens coating. These coatings include anti-reflective, anti-fog, scratch-resistant, mirror coatings, and UV protection. 

RX-Safety ensures the ease of customizing your Wiley X frames to be perfect for any segment. RX-Safety can add your prescription to almost any type of Wiley X frame. This includes single vision bifocal or progressive lenses. Additionally, they carry a wide range of lens materials such as polycarbonate, trivex, high index, polarized. These high quality materials ensure that the frames are  lightweight and stay comfortable throughout the day. This is ideal as many workers wear their safety glasses all day and need a comfortable fit. RX-Safety ensures that all of these options come at an affordable price point. 

Wiley X Tide

The Wiley X Tide is an ultra protective pair of wrap around prescription sunglasses. These rectangular frames are equipped with climate control technology as part of the Wiley X Climate control series. This makes them excellent for harsh weather in the upcoming fall and winter months. Plus, it has a clean and finished look. The Wiley X Tide keeps all manner of debris out of your eyes. Available in several different color options, these glasses are a solid and reliable choice for customers that need outdoor protection from dust and debris. They are fully rimmed and are sturdy and reliable. However, they still provide comfortable and lightweight protection. 

The Wiley X Tide frame comes with a foam gasket. The gasket is a removable Facial Cavity Seals which protects from dust and dirt. This Gasket adds extra protection for the eyes while working in an environment with flying debris and dust. A pair of glasses that provides a seal to your face against particles like the Wiley X Tide is perfect for men and women in all segments for Fall 2021 into 2022. 

Wiley X XL-1

The Wiley X XL-1 is a pair of safety glasses that join comfort and safety. This is ultra-important for those that need to spend long hours wearing their safety glasses. These sunglasses feature a removable Facial Cavity Seal that blocks dust, dirt and other irritants. The foam gasket is ideal for added protection in any segment. The XL-1 has an option that comes with interchangeable lenses. This means that you can easily change from clear to gray lenses, depending on what your environment calls for. The Wiley X XL-1 glasses are one of the most versatile safety glasses on the market and are perfect for all that the Fall season can throw at you. 

Wiley X Vapor

Another highly adaptable pair of safety glasses by Wiley X is the Wiley X Vapor. These glasses come with interchangeable lenses which help you smoothly adapt to any environment. Additionally, they are large lenses, so you have the benefit of a wider field of protection over your eyes while you work. 

Also, RX-Safety offers the prescription add on option to these glasses, so you can also have the RX insert option if needed. These glasses are semi-rimless frames with thin temples and an adjustable nose piece for extra comfort.

Wiley X Aspect

The Wiley X Aspect frames are ideal for providing 100 UVA protection. Additionally, the lenses have glare reductions, making them perfect for use in all outdoor segments. They are ANSI impact rated for complete impact safety protection. Also, they are available in polarized and mirrored lenses making them versatile and ideal for many customers. They are a fully rimmed modern pair of glasses with a unisex shape. 

Wiley X Kingpin

The Wiley X Kingpin safety sunglasses exude protection and style. A large, square framed look meets a thick protective bridge with these polarized safety sunglasses.  The Wiley X Kingpin is multi-purpose eyewear that has 100% UAV/UVB protection. It is manufactured out of high quality material and is lightweight. The Wiley X Kingpin provides the level of safety and protection that Wiley X is well known for. These glasses are perfect for all outdoor segments and can be customized through RX-Safety. 

Wiley X leading brand

All in all, Wiley X is one of the leading brands in the online optical safety segment, The quality of their safety glasses and sunglasses is unmatched. They provide high quality products that customers place their trust in across all segments. When comparing the best Brands prescription safety sunglasses on the market, Wiley X is a manufacturer that sticks out from the rest. Consumers who have done their due diligence researching optical safety glasses companies most likely already know about the reputation of Wiley X. This reputation is made all the better by the excellent customization and customer care options provided by RX-Safety. RX-Safety carries all Wiley X safety glasses and provides the utmost care in providing them to their customers.

Check out RX-Safety’s carefully curated selection of Wiley X glasses and sunglasses here today! They are the perfect glasses to start off your 2022 in safety and style!

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