Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse 2023 and 2024 with High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many excited sky-watchers, and normally it would be. Total solar eclipses are rare and require a special alignment of the earth, moon, and sun. It can sometimes take hundreds of years between eclipses, especially for an eclipse you can see in your part of the world. The 2017 eclipse was the clearest and most accessible view of a total solar eclipse (not to mention the blue blood moon) that anyone has seen in their lifetime. But that seems only to be the beginning of the celestial show. The next solar eclipse is just a few months away. We might have just lived through our first total eclipse in a while, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get excited about the next one. Whether you’re still reeling from the experience or regret missing out and are eager to compensate, it’s time to kickstart your preparations. Don’t forget to ensure you have high-quality eclipse glasses to enhance your viewing experience and protect your eyes

No More Last-Minute Panic: Get Set for Solar Eclipses 2024

Although it might appear early it’s crucial to remember that the frenzy surrounding travel, accommodations, and preparations will commence long before the eclipse itself. The ability to predict these events years in advance allows everyone interested in witnessing it to plan accordingly. However, this advanced planning often leads to logistical challenges; solar eclipse viewing glasses were in high demand and sold out in many stores months before the August 2017 event. You don’t have to be caught up in that dilemma. Instead, initiate your planning process well ahead of time. As those who experienced the 2017 eclipse can attest, viewing sites were inundated with people, hotels and Airbnbs were fully booked for miles around, and camping spots were scarce. The surge in demand even caused airfare prices to nearby city airports to skyrocket by 20%, forcing many to resort to sleeping in their cars in grocery store parking lots and empty fields due to the lack of alternatives.

Even if you live close to the ideal viewing path, planning far in advance is your best bet for making sure your eclipse viewing experience is complete and enjoyable with safe solar eclipse glasses, a cozy place to park, and somewhere to sleep nearby. We’ve put together a handy checklist to help you get ready for the 2024 eclipse with a great spot and high-quality solar eclipse glasses.

Study the Arcing Eclipse Path

The initial step involves assessing the optimal locations for viewing the eclipse. The 2017 event was notable for its path across the central region of the country, facilitating accessibility for many by driving a few hours north or south. In contrast, the 2023 eclipse predominantly favored states in the western strip, which benefits those in the southwest. Notably, all major cities in New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Roswell, fall within the viewing band, catering especially to enthusiasts of extraterrestrial phenomena. Corpus Christi stands out as a prominent destination likely to draw vacationers, offering one of the few ideal beachside viewing spots. Opting for a remote location near a small town increases the likelihood of finding ample space to enjoy the eclipse comfortably, given the extensive uninhabited areas along the southwest path. Similarly, the 2024 eclipse is forecasted to traverse the United States from the southwest to the northeast, with states such as Texas, Ohio, and New York expected to witness its apex. Familiarizing yourself with these locations is essential for effectively planning your eclipse experience.

Your ideal viewing spot will depend on your starting location long with how and where you want to camp. The most important thing to remember is that almost every inch of the central eclipse band will be packed, no matter how empty it usually is. Cities and towns will be the most crowded, but you can expect people to go driving into fields and out into the desert to find a good spot as well. Unless you want to make a glitzy vacation out of your eclipse trip, we highly advise you pick a small town to become your base of operations and scout out a field or parking lot to be your destination viewing spot.

All you need is an open view of the sky to enjoy your eclipse, and the rest of your plans will hinge on knowing where you’re going. If you make a road trip of it or rent a car after your flight, you can even rove around to find the right spot a few hours before the eclipse. Just remember to expect crowds.

Prioritizing Safety Measures

Remember to prioritize safety when viewing a solar eclipse. Directly observing the sun without proper eye protection can cause severe damage to your eyesight. Invest in high-quality solar eclipse glasses that meet safety standards and protect your vision from harmful UV and IR radiation. Start researching and acquiring these glasses well in advance to ensure your safety during the eclipse.

Prepare for Eclipse Day with Car Camping Essentials

As you plan for the upcoming solar eclipse, consider the logistics of getting to your viewing location. Since you’ll likely be driving and arriving early to secure a good spot, why not make the most of your time with a little car camping? Be sure to pack a cooler, blankets, pillows for backseat lounging, and folding chairs for outdoor comfort. While some may arrive with RVs and fifth wheels, clever packing can bring many comforts of home to your car camping experience.

Stock Up on Eclipse Glasses

During the 2017 eclipse, obtaining high-quality solar eclipse glasses presented a major challenge. With millions of inexpensive plastic and cellophane glasses flooding the market, along with unconventional options like welding helmets and steampunk goggles, and even makeshift solutions involving shaded glass panels, the search for reliable eyewear became complicated. Cardboard glasses, in particular, were problematic due to susceptibility to damage and the prevalence of counterfeit versions lacking proper shading and safety features. Consequently, many individuals experienced eye injuries or found themselves wearing awkward disposable or makeshift glasses.

For optimal safety, seek out glasses with durable plastic frames, wide lenses for safe viewing, and sufficiently dark shading, ideally utilizing Shade 14 welding lenses in standard sunglass frames. By securing a pair well in advance, you ensure protection for the 2024 eclipse, maximizing the value of your investment and enhancing your viewing experience.

Once you have obtained suitable solar eclipse glasses for the upcoming events, focus on early booking for accommodations and transportation. Securing reservations ahead of time increases your chances of securing a comfortable spot and locking in favorable rates before demand peaks. Whether you witnessed the 2017 eclipse or anticipate experiencing the phenomenon for the first time, Rx Safety offers a selection of reliable options for Shade 14 solar eclipse glasses, ensuring both style and safety for you, your family, and your friends.

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