Welding Shade 14 for Solar Eclipse and Sun Viewer

A solar eclipse, which happens when the Moon crosses between the Sun and the Earth and partially or complete obscures our view of the Sun, does not happen regularly… in fact, solar eclipses only occur at a rate of between two and five per year, and many can not be seen due to various weather-related conditions or the time in which they occur. So when a solar eclipse does take place when the conditions are right for viewing, it’s an event that’s not to be missed.

What Sunglasses Should I Wear During a Solar Eclipse?

It’s common knowledge that, unfortunately, solar eclipses cannot be viewed with the naked eye, as the photosphere of the Sun is so bright that even momentary exposure to it can damage the retina of the eye. Proper eye protection – in the form of specialty glasses that consist of an extremely dark tint – is necessary to safely view a solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse, however, is not the only reason for purchasing a pair of specialty glasses that can handle the power of the Sun’s photosphere. We all know from experience, learned back when we were young children, that we cannot look directly at the Sun. Since such the exposure can cause serious and lasting damage, pain receptors in our eyes warn us of the danger by making it painful. So if you want to view any area on or around the Sun for any significant period of time, standard sunglasses with simply not cut it; you need the same eye protection provided by solar eclipse glasses.

What kind of specialty glasses can offer this protection, are readily available, and at a price that makes them incredibly affordable? The answer is a pair of shade 14 welding glasses. Welding, as you may know, throws off an arc of light that is brighter than the Sun’s photosphere, and anyone working with or near welding equipment must wear welding glasses.

The Solar Eclipse/Welding Glasses offered at Rx-Safety are ideally suited to any task or situation that involves eye-damaging light, including welding, solar eclipse viewing, and the viewing of direct sunlight. The green athermal shade 14 glass lenses utilized in these frames block over 99% of UV light and 97% of Infrared Radiation.

  • Part Number/SKU:     WLD-S14-ETG
  • Brand:                         Phillips Safety
  • Frame Color:               Black
  • Lens Color:                 Green
  • Frame Type:                Full Frame
  • Frame Material:           Plastic
  • Frame Shape:              Wayfarer

Pick up a pair today if you have any need for eye protection from sun-related events or viewing. It must be noted, however, that the shade 14 lenses are for specialty use only and should be removed when you are done directly viewing the Sun, a solar eclipse, or a welding arc. These lenses are far too dark to allow proper vision under regular light conditions and cannot be used as standard sunglasses.

  1. Jim Gilpin says:

    I’m interested in purchasing glasses to view the eclipse on April 8,2024. Is your company in the U.S.? Is the price in U.S. dollars? I am in Canada. What would be the cost for me to purchase a pair of glasses (assuming you are sending from the U.S.?)

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