What Is The Best Cleaner To Use On Eyeglasses With Anti Reflective Coating?

Anti-reflective coating for eyeglasses removes the light reflections from all sides of the eyeglass lenses which makes it easier for you to see because the majority of light will pass through the lens.

When there is a small amount of reflection, the eyeglasses lenses can barely be seen. It will be easier for everyone to see the expressions you make, regardless of how dark or how bright the conditions are. An anti-reflective coating will offer a variety of benefits to anyone who wears them.

Why Is Anti-Reflective Coating Beneficial?

Did you know that the high-index lenses can only reflect less than 15 percent of the light that hits the lens? Regular plastic lenses reflect less than 90 percent of light. This will cause a significant amount of problems when glasses are worn in conditions where there is a low amount of life, such as during nighttime.

This is where anti-reflective coating comes into play. Thin eyeglasses lenses, such as the high-index lenses, that have the anti-reflective coating will give you a better opportunity to see clearly because the vision will be sharper and there will be a reduction in glare.

Cleaning Your Anti-Reflective Coating Lenses

Some people think that cleaning any type of eyeglasses is easy and that it does not take that much effort. However, cleaning eyeglass lenses the wrong way can cause some damage to your lenses.

When cleaning lenses with an anti-reflective coating, you will need to do more than simply wipe the lenses with a towel. If you do not take the right steps in cleaning your glasses, you could cause more damage to your lenses.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Glasses

  • Do not clean the lenses if they are dry
  • If the lenses have dirt on them, do not rub your lenses
  • Do not clean your lenses with your shirt, tissue paper, napkins, or paper towels
  • Do not use any cleaners that have ammonia in them

Any type of scratches on lenses can cause major problems because the scratches will be visible and it will be difficult for the lenses to continue eliminating the light reflections.

It is not difficult to keep the anti-reflective cleaned. There are various cleaning solutions available to clean your eyeglasses, but best cleaner to use on eyeglasses with anti-reflective coating is water and soap. Yes, warm water, soap, and a cloth made of microfiber.

Time To Clean

One of the things you should always remember is to avoid trying to clean your lenses when they are not wet. When you try to clean your dry lenses that have dirt on them, you will simply rub the dirt into the anti-reflective coating which will result in scratches and other marks.


When the lenses have these type of marks on them, it will be difficult for you to see. You should always wet your lenses before you begin the cleaning process. It is also important to remember that you do not have to dip your eyeglasses into a sink filled with water. You can simply turn the water on and hold your eyeglasses underneath them for a few seconds.

As the water is running, you will probably see a variety of dirt and debris sliding off the lenses. Use a small amount of soap on the lenses to effectively clean them, but you should only use a microfiber cloth to dry the glasses after you have rinsed them.

There are effective cleaning solutions that you can use for your eyeglasses, but one of the best options for you is using warm water and soap. If you would like more information on AR coating and the best way to clean the coating, contact us today.

  1. Fox says:

    When you say “soap” does that include regular ole dish washing liquid soap?

  2. Connie Jacobs says:

    are Zeiss lens wipes safe to use on antiglare glasses

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  4. Celia says:

    Hi. I have these microfiber lens wipes. It has isopropyl alcohol, water, and fragrance( I don’t smell fragrance though). Will these be good for on the go? Or will they damage lenses? I use soap and water at home.

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