Prescription safety glasses with bluetooth

Having the latest and greatest technology is always a plus especially if you have two great benefits in one, like wearing glasses with built in Bluetooth.  At we offer BonSayOn S302 Prescription Bluetooth Safety Glasses.

These frames are:

  • Plastic frame
  • Wrap Around Style
  • Offered in Black, White, Silver and Red colored frame
  • Polarized lenses
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and sports
  • Efficient in strong wind and or noisy environments
  • Microphone integrated in the frame
  • Clear, crisp conversations

Try these BonSayOn S302 Prescription Bluetooth Safety Glasses for your optical and Bluetooth needs.


  1. Jim Carpenter says:

    I’m looking for true prescription Bluetooth glasses with the capability to listen to music via Bluetooth capability from iPhone. Safety glass a plus but I’d prefer transition lenses. You’re offerings on your website are a bit vague.

    • rxsafety says:

      Right Now we don’t carry a bluetooth safety glasses. The ones we had we discontinued because of quality problems. We are in the process of looking at a new line and if we decide to carry them we will let you know. Thank you for the comments.

  2. Rajkumaran Paranjothi says:

    I believe this is exciting because I can keep on Driving while attending calls.

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