What sunglasses should I get for my face

There are many different style frames for sunglasses but how do I know what style to get for my face shape?

If you have an Oval face that means you have wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jawline.  An ideal frame for an Oval face would be a larger style frame such as our Spy Fiona Sunglasses.  This plastic frame is super feminine and has a flattering eye shape.  Typically, any style frame works with an Oval face.

If you have an Oblong face that means you have facial features that are long and narrow with few angles.  Check out our Carrera 153/S Sunglasses .  This frame is ideal because you want a frame that is wider and has less of a rounded look and more of a square shape to it. Try avoiding smaller style frames with an Oblong face.

If you have a Round face that means you have fuller cheeks and a rounder chin structure. A rectangular frame would be ideal for a Round face such as our  Carrera 91/S Sunglasses .  Try avoiding large large over sized frames.

If you have a Square face means you have a wider forehead, cheek and chin area with a slightly angular jawline.  Choose a frame that has softer angles and is rounder in shape like our Nike KD Trace Sunglasses.  This stylish metal and plastic frame comes in a variety of colors.  Try avoiding rectangular style frames for a Square face.

If you have a Heart shaped face you have a broad forehead and wide cheeks which narrow down towards the chin area.  An ideal frame would be a cateye style like the Smith Optics Caper Sunglasses.  Try avoiding a broad frame with decorative templates.

If you have a Diamond shaped face you have a small forehead, high cheekbones, narrow eyes and jaw line and small chin.  Try a rounded frame that will soften the cheek bone like our Lacoste L887S Sunglasses.  Avoid narrow frames if you are a Diamond shaped face.

Whatever face shape you have choose a frame that reflects you and your personality!

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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