What Makes Your Prescription Sunglasses Unique For You?

Have you ever thought about changing the style of the prescription sunglasses you wear? For most people this is like changing the way they walk or talk, just plain difficult. Although there are many different styles, colors, brands, shapes, and materials which make up a pair of prescription sunglasses, how many are we really willing to try? I mean what makes your prescription sunglasses uniquely for you anyway?

Of course, there are the daring type of people who one day wear a Gucci pinkish model with a rectangular shape made from Acetate plastic, then the next day they wear maybe some Wiley X AirRage matte black frame model. I mean does a person need a different pair for when they’re hiking, and then when they are shopping in the city? Or, do they just wear the same type all the time?

The good news is at Rx-Safety, there are thousands of different prescription sunglasses to choose from, with styles like:

And brands like:

With this kind of selection, a person may just get a little confused on which ones to get. Good thing a shopper can see great pictures and specs on each pair they want to check out. Some brand names and styles are more obvious that others, like for instance the Aviator glasses. Just picture a motorcycle cop or maybe a pilot from the movie: Top Gun.

Sporty is easier to imagine, but there are so many different variations. What about Ballistics though? That sounds like a gun range special, and really they do look like something you’d wear on the range.

Be Creative and Original, or Just Practical and Relaxed

Shoppers can be creative and original, breaking the mold on conformity: like wearing something you’re supposed to wear flying a plane while shopping for clothes. Or you may want to leave the trend-setting to someone else more adventurous, and go with a solid sharp-looking pair of Ray Bans.

The Ray Ban Original Wayfarer prescription sunglasses are a great choice for anyone wanting a quality pair of glasses that look great. These should last a long time, unless you sit on them in the car of course. This is a 1952 designed pair of classic glasses, that will still have people taking a second look at you. Think Buddy Holly or Beverly Hills 90120. Hey, let the trends be set for you and take the pressure of, just relax with a proven style sure to compliment any outfit or event.

The prices are great at Rx-Safety, truly better than anywhere else. We have a full-service in-house optical lab, and when buying from our website the retail middle man is cut out. This means great savings are passed on to our customers, so for instance those awesome Wiley’s are only $150.

Are you one of those people who stick with one style, but can move around from brand to brand? Or maybe only stay with one brand, but can try different styles? Diversity is great, and we welcome this by offering many different styles, models, brands, and much more.

I mean what if someone wants a metal pair? Maybe this doesn’t sound like a good idea for some, but have you checked out the awesome Carrera selection Rx-Safety has? Honestly, this is more my style, like the Carrera 164/S Sunglasses with rectangular frames and a single bridge made with plastic. This style comes in multiple colors. Such as Havana Red, Dark Havana, and Matte Black. You may have to check those out for yourself to tell what those colors mean, but trust me they’re slick.

Selecting That Perfect Pair

Have you ever spent way too long in the eyeglass center looking at the rack of glasses? Trying nearly everyone on until you finally decided to go with the same pair you always get? Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to find that same pair at Rx-Safety, but if perhaps you’re thinking about being adventurous, then there are many other game-changing prescription sunglasses to choose from.

Interesting how defining prescription sunglasses can be, how they become part of our personality. Maybe even making us feel differently, even more confident.

Remember though, they do serve a purpose of helping you see better and keeping the sun from glaring and damaging your retina. Those are important features of the glasses you’ll find here at Rx-Safety as well. Great prices, selection, and service, what else could you ask for? Please contact us if you need any help or have any questions.

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